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If Sophia Bush Divorce 'Wasn't Ugly' Then WTF Is This About?!

Sophia Bush Divorce Grant Hughes Amicable Not Ugly

What really happened between Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes?! The divorce news was so sudden — a real shocker. But at least one source is determined to convince everyone it was nothing.

This confidant told Us Weekly on Monday:

“It wasn’t ugly and they are still supporting each other. They want each other to be happy and for their nonprofit to continue to thrive.”

Why would we think it was ugly? We’ll get back to that. But yeah, we do.

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This insider says it was your classic case of two people whose careers got in the way, a classic tale in Hollywood. They say the busy pair just “weren’t getting enough time with each other.” That certainly is something we’ve seen a lot of post-lockdown. Life was different for actors and pop stars and the like in those early pandemic days, and there were a lot of breakups and marriages as folks found ways to cope. It’s certainly possible as things got back to normal for Sophia, these two just weren’t ever together anymore.

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The source says the romance “started to fizzle” — leading the old friends who found something more to realize they were, in fact, “better off as friends”:

“Ultimately, they wanted what’s best for the both of them, professionally and personally, and decided that it was the healthiest to cordially go their separate ways.”

OK, but… really? Really?!

What we can’t get past is the fact that on June 12 Sophia wrote this to Grant on Instagram for their one-year anniversary:

“Today marks 365 days of calling you ‘husband.’ Best decision of my life. It still feels just like this. Ecstatic. Running toward the future, grinning and laughing, together. I love you, my favorite. Happy Anniversary.”

Best decision of her life. Looking “toward the future.” This was just TWO WEEKS before Sophia listed the separation date on her divorce filing. So over the course of that two weeks, the romance started to fade, and they weren’t spending enough time together, and their schedules got all hectic, and they just grew apart? Doesn’t add up, right? Feels like something happened in that two weeks.

For them to grow apart in just a year was wild, but in a fortnight?! It’s just a little hard to swallow. The source told Us the couple are committed to “still maintaining a close friendship” despite the breakup.

But it certainly doesn’t look that way from a distance. Sophia couldn’t scrub this man from her IG feed fast enough. His last name, their wedding pics, couple pics, all the pics. If it isn’t a group shot that would remove other people, too, he’s gone. That just doesn’t feel like parting as friends with love to us.

What do YOU think, Perezcious dating experts? Are y’all buying the

[Image via Sophia Bush/Instagram.]

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