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No, Bachelor Clayton Echard Did Not Cheat On GF Susie Evans -- TikTok Accuser Was CATFISHED By A Lookalike!

No, Bachelor Clayton Echard Did Not Cheat On GF Susie Evans -- TikTok Accuser Was Catfished By A Lookalike!

The latest star of The Bachelor found himself embroiled in controversy this weekend, but… it appears now that he very much didn’t do anything wrong!

Clayton Echard was the focal point of a LOT of social media attention over the past few days after a TikTok user claimed she hooked up with him after supposedly meeting the former football star at a bar in New York City on Friday night. There was just one little problem: Clayton wasn’t in NYC on Friday! And he can prove it! And now, after a lot of drama, the woman has walked back her whole story!

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So it all started Friday, when a TikToker named Sasha Narang claimed she met Clayton at a bar in NYC. The duo flirted for a while, and then went back to his (supposed) apartment, where they apparently hooked up. The guy allegedly told her all about his life as “Clayton,” and mentioned that he’d recently been on The Bachelor (yeah… as the lead?!). Sasha apparently doesn’t watch the show, so she didn’t really have any context for his claims, and no way to tell whether he was lying or not.

And as the world found out later, the guy apparently really looked like Clayton. Catfish alert?!?!

Anyways, once she started searching online in the hours after their hookup, Sasha began to believe that the man she apparently did the deed with was actually supposed to be in a committed relationship with Susie Evans!

Narang explained:

“He was very, like, sneaky, meaning he was very adamant about being quiet. Right when it was time for me to go he made it very clear I couldn’t stay over. … I DMed [Susie]. I told her everything. I was very transparent because I felt incredibly terrible. I never wanted to be caught in the middle of this.”

The TikToker also revealed that she apparently sent Susie the only proof she had of their alleged tryst, too — a picture of the Uber order she took after spending part of the evening at (alleged) Clayton’s (alleged) NYC address.

Narang continued:

“The only evidence that I have — I didn’t take any photos with him. I’m actually banned from Snapchat, and that would have been the only way to have like a selfie. But, I took a photo of Uber that he called for me, so it has the address. And I sent it to [Susie] when I was like, I don’t know if it’s a hotel or an Airbnb. Ideally, it’s his apartment, so maybe she recognizes it. But if not, regardless, she can easily find out where he stayed and that’s your proof. So yeah, I just ended the Bachelor’s marriage, I think, and it’s not my fault. It’s his fault. What the hell is wrong with men?”

Shocking, right?! Well… maybe not. (Also, why is she banned from Snapchat?! Seems like THAT is the story we want to hear. LOLz!)

VERY quickly, this whole thing blew up after Clayton himself took to his IG Stories on Saturday to deliver his own version of events. He calmly explained that he simply never met the TikToker and hadn’t even been in New York at the time. According to Echard, he was thousands of miles away on Friday night at a gym in Arizona!

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Susie put it ALL to rest with GPS evidence, too! Evans took to her own TikTok account and dropped screenshots of her Friday night FaceTime chat logs with Clayton, as well has his location-tracking pings throughout the evening spent getting fit.

Obviously, based on this clapback (below), there’s just no way the former reality TV leading man could have been in NYC when Narang claims he was even if he took a private jet from AZ:


Just laying out the facts.. Also lmao at Clayton’s name and contact photo… I’ve had it in there like this since we started dating secretly post-show. [email protected] ily

♬ original sound – Susie Evans

Well then!

From there, Reality Steve came into the controversy, revealing in his own nearly 15-minute-long Instagram video that he had spoken to Sasha twice in long conversations over the weekend. He also explained how Narang was apparently able to procure a screenshot of a security camera clip of herself and this alleged “Clayton” in NYC. When she supposedly sent it to Steve, he was able to confirm that the guy was definitely not Clayton — just a lookalike with a smaller build.

Steve laid out more about the situation in his explainer vid on Sunday evening, asking internet commenters to back off with their criticisms of her following the hubbub. The Bachelor super-fan explained that Sasha simply f**ked up, and she apparently intended to apologize publicly for dragging the reality TV star though this entire mess:

And apologize, she did.

In a three-minute clip posted late on Sunday evening to the TikTok account where it all started not even 48 hours before, Narang bluntly informed the world that she was “so sorry to Susie and Clayton,” and said:

“This guy truly convinced me that he was Clayton. He, again, introduced me to himself as Clayton, he told me he was on The Bachelor, he knew his hometown, his birthday, knew all these super weird facts that it just obviously, in the moment, me not watching The Bachelor, knowing nothing about it, I believed him.”

And she added:

“It’s super weird, someone impersonating him in New York City, so look out for that.”

Here is the full video:


the truth

♬ original sound – Sasha


A biiiiig ol’ controversy started, thrived, burned, and died in the time from Friday night to Monday morning.

And how was YOUR weekend, Perezcious readers?! LOLz!

Sound OFF with your reaction to all of this down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Clayton Echard/Instagram]

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