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The Return of Pambo

Pamela Anderson‘s website,, mysteriously disappeared over a month ago. It’s dead.
But, in its place is a new site, which just launched. claims to be the new “official” web portal of the former Baywatch star.
And, the site has a new journal entry from the Buxom blonde.
Pambo writes:
“February 22, 2008:
Valentines day! best day ever- in Paris- performing at Crazy horse- dream come true- in a tribute to a wonderful lady- Ms Brigitte Bardot- the Harley Davidson song! I loved it!
Even better- Ms Bardot asked me to represent her in her annual press conference at her foundation”s headquarter by Eiffle Tower- in her and my plea to ban the seal hunt in Canada (coming again soon)- It was an amazing crowd-full of sympathy- I saw tears (even papperazzi) when I played footage of the baby seals being beaten and sometimes skinned alive in this barbaric-cash bonus for the fisheries.
Brigitte Bardot called me on speaker phone at press conference expressing her gratitude for all the work I do for animals- she called me her “daughter” , “a continuation of her” I almost fell over-. -I’ve always loved her- she is truly my favorite -beyond her beauty- she has done so much for animals- and has taken her beauty and attention to whole other level- your heart never ends– and beauty continues when your heart is sweet…She is still Gorgeous! …She is an inspiration- and I thank her again and again for everything she’s done–and i will continue and encourage others to continue the fight for animals everywhere.”

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Feb 22, 2008 12:15pm PDT