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Ticketmaster Hit With ANOTHER Lawsuit!!! This One For $250 Million


Ticketmaster has been slapped with another class-action lawsuit, this time for $250 million.

Filed Thursday in an Ontario (Canada) Superior Court, the lawsuit alleges that the fees that Ticketmaster piles up on the face value of tickets violates Ontario’s anti-scalping legislation.

This comes after a $500 million lawsuit alleging that Ticketmaster conspired to maneuver customers away from the main site to its ticket-brokering website, which sells tickets at a much higher price.

Because of the wording in Ticketmaster’ small print, tickets for shows in Canada are protected specifically by Ontario’s laws.

Albert Lopez, a spokesman for Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., said, “There is categorically no movement of stock, inventory if you will, from Ticketmaster into the resale market at” and refused to comment on either of the lawsuits.


We already know that Ticketmaster is evil!

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Feb 12, 2009 17:22pm PDT

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