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TikTok Mom Shares HORROR Story Of Finding Multiple Ticks In 2-Year-Old Daughter's Ear!

TikTok Mom Shares HORROR Story Of Finding Multiple Ticks In 2-Year-Old Daughter's Ear!


A mom on TikTok is spreading the word after a very scary encounter with ticks! Ick!

On the app, Jessica DeLoach revealed she and her family recently moved to a new home in the Arkansas woods, where she was outside doing yard work after a recent remodel while her 2-year-old daughter, Averie, played. After the long day outside, she took the child inside for a bath when she noticed some irritation around one of her ears.

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Fearing her child had stuck something up her ear, she immediately called her pediatrician for help, she told People on Tuesday:

“It seriously looked like she had shoved some food in her ear.”

The doctor told her to bring Averie in right away, so she did. Once there, Averie was acting normal, but she was very sensitive to people touching her ear, so Jessica had to place her on her lap while the doctors worked to remove the mystery mass. She explained:

“The removal process was very traumatizing as you have to hold the child still to remove items safely. A 2-year-old just doesn’t understand what the doctor is trying to do.”

Eventually, the doc pulled out two ticks inside the toddler’s ear — and one was HUGE! Ch-ch-check it out HERE.

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Back with People, Jessica revealed she had no idea the little bugs had crawled inside her girl’s ear, sharing:

“I had no idea it was a tick until the doctor started removing it from her ear.”

Must have been such a shock! No wonder the kiddo’s ear was sensitive! Thankfully, it’s been one month since the incident and Averie hasn’t had any symptoms:

“I’m just glad she didn’t have any after effects.”

The concerned mom’s TikTok was viewed over two million times, with many people reaching out after experiencing similar situations, the content creator added:

“Other parents have told me about similar experiences, even ticks crawling onto their child off of their dog. I’ve learned it happens more than I could have ever imagined.”

Whoa! This a reminder to add ears to the list of places to check for ticks! If you didn’t know, there are different kinds of ticks all over the US, and they carry various diseases, including Lyme disease, which can cause rash, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, and weakness. A tick must be on you for 36 hours before Lyme disease can be transmitted. It’s important to check vigilantly if you’re in a woodsy area. We’re glad the little girl is okay, and good thinking on mom to get to the doctor ASAP! Reactions?!

[Image via Movieclips/YouTube & Jessica DeLoach/TikTok]

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