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Did This Local News Anchor SWALLOW A FLY On Live TV??

Did This Local News Anchor SWALLOW A FLY On Live TV??

Buzz off! THIS local news anchor couldn’t be phased by something dropping into her mouth during the middle of her broadcast!

Social media users are praising Boston 25’s Vanessa Welch after a clip of her powering through a nasty moment on live TV has gone viral. Shared across social media, the video shows the news anchor talking about a VERY serious topic while struggling to ignore something in her eye. It’s not clear exactly what it is, but after a moment it appears to be… a FLY! OMG!

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She really showed her professionalism when the mystery object fell from her eye and landed into her mouth during the middle of her sentence. And pretty much without a beat, she swallowed the thing and kept on talking! Watch (below):


In the comments, social media users couldn’t help but feel impressed by her commitment to professionalism:

“That is professionalism right there”

“I have NEVER seen that level of professionalism DAMN”

“The way I woulda started smacking myself

“For anyone trying to find out the name of the anchor, it’s Venus. Ms. Venus Flytrap”


Other commenters suspected (and hoped) that the object was a set of false eyelashes instead of a fly:

“Tell me that was an eyelash, tell me that was an eyelash”

“Looks more like she is wearing individual strip lashes (like lashify) and one of them has detached and come off while blinking”

Either way, props to her! But also ewwww!

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[Images via Boston 25 News/YouTube]

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May 29, 2024 18:03pm PDT

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