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Tom Sandoval Comments On Ariana Madix Coachella Makeout Sesh!

Tom Sandoval Speaks! Embattled Vanderpump Rules Star Seen At LAX & He's Got Thoughts On Scandoval...

Tom Sandoval has thoughts about everything related to Scandoval!

But sadly for us — and everyone else — he’s a man of few words. Speak MORE, Tom! We want to know everything!!!

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The 40-year-old Vanderpump Rules star was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday afternoon by a paparazzi cameraman. While the Bravo-lebrity was hurriedly going up an escalator and walking towards the security line, the cameraman trailed him the whole way. Throughout, he peppered Tom with questions about Ariana MadixRaquel Leviss, and the months-long affair that has shocked the reality TV world.

Tom took all the queries like a champ, TBH. He just didn’t say very much in return! He was truly, to our chagrin, a man of few words. But even so, there’s a lot to unpack here!! So let’s jump in…

First, when the photog asked whether it was time for the world to move on from following Scandoval, the cover band frontman was clear in his hope that they would:

“Yeah, they should.”

But has too much been made of the affair that rocked VPR??

When the paparazzi videographer asked exactly that, Tom said:

“Um, I don’t know.”


But the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras musician is dismayed at who’s behind the drama. When the pap asked Sandoval about whether he is “still surprised” the affair is making headlines more than six weeks after first reveal, he said:

“It’s ridiculous, man. The people that are perpetuating it the most are the, uh, you know, the squad of it all.”

When asked for clarification about all those involved, Tom started to speak before thinking better of it:

“Yeah, all the — uh, yeah.”


So that’s a not-so-veiled shot at the likes of Lala KentScheana ShayKatie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and the rest of the women in the current and former VPR universe who have spoken out a lot about the affair while supporting Ariana!!

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Speaking of Ariana, when the photog asked whether Tom had seen the recent news about Ariana potentially moving on, he actually gushed a bit about it:

“Yes, I love that. I really do [want that for her]. I really do. I’m really happy.”

Well that’s nice. Now it remains to be seen if anything comes of Madix’s new Coachella connection

Anyways, the photog moved right on to the Miraval controversy. When asked about his recent frustrations with the wellness resort for appearing to unprofessionally out his residency there, Tom said:

“I think they were really unprofessional. I think it was pretty tacky for a place of that nature, of that caliber, to do things like that.”


The photog capped it with quite a closer, too. As Tom was about to go into the security line, the pap asked about how Raquel is doing with the scandal fallout. But the TomTom restaurateur declined to answer! Instead, Sandoval said:

“I don’t know, man. No comment on that one.”

Then, when asked if he was going to see Leviss right now — a fair question, since Tom was at LAX — the reality TV veteran replied in the negative:


So there you have it…

There was quite a bit of ground covered, like we said, but not a ton of insight within. Ah, well. So it goes sometimes. And with that, Tom was off to fly the friendly skies!

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You can see the full video via TMZ at the link HERE, if you’re curious.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Ariana Madix/Instagram/Raquel Leviss/Instagram/Tom Sandoval/Instagram]

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