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Travis Barker Opens Up About Fatal Plane Crash, Fear of Flying

Travis Barker Flying
Travis Barker is terrified to fly!
And can you blame him?
His plane crashed a few years back and killed everyone onboard except for him and DJ A.M.
It’s nothing to hang his head over. There are a TON of phobias, and the Blink-182 drummer doesn’t suffer from the majority of them.
Aichmophobia, for example, is the fear of needles but Travis is stained with more ink than Gutenberg’s printing press!
Still, he wants to conquer his fear because it’ll set an example for his kids and even make his impending tour easier.
Travis recently said:

“I’m contemplating getting knocked out and getting on a plane to Australia. I want to overcome that eventually. When I do, I think it’s going to be Qantas. They never had a crash, never had a fatality.”

Those are drastic measures but we understand the sentiment.
Good luck, sir!
[Image via WENN.]

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Jul 11, 2012 16:10pm PDT

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