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NFL Fans Blame 'Taylor Swift Curse' For Travis Kelce's Injury!

Travis Kelce Injury Taylor Swift Curse

Are y’all serious right now?? Sports fans are some of the most superstitious folks ever!

During Sunday night’s game, Travis Kelce injured his ankle while catching a pass — and some fans are already blaming Taylor Swift! It happened at the end of the first half of the Kansas City Chiefs game on the road against the Minnesota Vikings. Kelce lost his footing while catching a pass and went down hard. Then, he rushed off to the locker room for some medical attention. Oh no!! See the moment (below):

But why is Taylor being blamed?! Because he was distracted by her presence? No! She wasn’t even there! Now they’re taking the fact he did so well while Taylor WAS in attendance before to say her skipping the game somehow broke the streak? And that’s what caused him to get hurt! Wild! Fans live-tweeting the game wrote:

“I hope Travis okay but that don’t look good. Taylor swift curse?”

“The Taylor Swift curse

“Kelce just got hit with the Taylor Swift curse lol. The @NFL isn’t going to be happy lol”

“The taylor swift curse begins, @nfl players stay away”

“Taylor Swift is the new Madden curse”

The Madden curse they’re referring to is when a player was featured on the cover of the annual Madden football video game, he was bound to have bad luck that year. It took more than ONE PLAYER for fans to determine that one. But they’re so quick to invent a new curse when it comes to Taylor! When maybe there’s a perfectly good explanation for a player losing their footing?

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Remember, the Chiefs were playing the Vikings on their home turf — and we mean turf. See, the Minnesota stadium uses artificial turf instead of the real grass Travis is used to playing on. It’s likely he just slipped, y’all!

BTW, he did get back up and finish the game — he even scored the winning touchdown late in the second half!! So if anything, this is less of a curse and more of a Taylor blessing, right? Funny how we don’t see anyone trying to make that a thing…

What do YOU think of a “Taylor Swift Curse”??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Oct 09, 2023 12:50pm PDT