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Crisco Adler is upset, y’all.

The music “producer” just posted the following on his official blog:

“Friday, November 23, 2007


Hello nation,
In light of the recent events I think that It is my duty to make a statement and set things straight. First of all, my “new girlfriend and I” may seem a bit disfunctional because we are in fact not boyfriend and girfriend nor do we have any romantic connection. I am a music producer and she is my artist. Period. And further more, lisa d’amato is a seriously talented woman. she comes from nothing and is trying to make it in a tough world and an even tougher business. Granted, she is a timebomb and is no doubt a bit unpredictable but that is what we love about her and god forbid an artist has some fucking fire nowadays. We hooked up because I like diamonds in the rough that I can shape into real artists. I know u all think I am just a big set of balls with a mustache but I’ve been producing and writing music for 10 years now and I know a good thing when I see one. It is unfortunate that people have to try to expose celebrity around every corner but that is the society we live in. And in lisas case who the fuck cares…she’s the chick who “showed her tits and got an a in math!” Try to close your eyes and open up your fucking ears because your missing out on some good music………and on another note, please request “mr. Right” by mickey avalon on your local radio station now. The video just got added to mtv!! Love you all…

Cisco adler”

CLICK HERE to see the uncensored version of Crisco and his balls….after the jump!


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Nov 23, 2007 16:52pm PDT

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