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When Celebrities Blog: Adrianne Curry

Top Model, Surreal Life and My Fair Brady alum Adrianne Curry just posted this message on her official blog:
Perez Hilton and smoking weed
“As many of you know, Perez Hilton wrote some lame ass blog about me “acting” like I was hitting a bowl IN STUDIO at on “That’s Estertainment” ( He didnt get my name right…the name of the show…or anything else for that matter. No, I really was NOT smoking weed.
HOWEVER, I am PRO-MARIJUANA. I believe it should be 100% legal. I am a winner of 2 HIGH TIMES Stony Awards and I support the Marijuana Policy Project. Marijuana is PROVEN to be less addictive and destructive then ALCOHOL. Anyone who is shocked by the fact that I am pro weed obviously doesn’t know a fucking thing about me. I am me, that’s all I care to be. I could give a flying fuck less what anyone thinks about what I do or believe in. I want to vote for Barrack Obama, I think nudity is CLASSY if done in taste, I believe in God, I believe in being true to YOU, I believe that Heroin/Coke/Meth/etc is the downfall of our society, and I believe in the legalization of Mary Jane!
So to all of you who have freaked about this, a big one finger salute to ya! It was comedy, done at work, and was NOT real….but I DO believe that Pot Rocks my fuckin Socks…and I dont care if you do or not. Wouldn’t your lives feel a whole lot better if you had the balls to stick by what you believe in?
Rock n Roll, my friends….Rock n Roll”
[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Jul 19, 2007 23:10pm PDT

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