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Meet George Clooney's Dog During A Tour Of His Home

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George Clooney is a really nice guy with a really nice house.

Our favorite part about his house?

His dog, Einstein!

Eistein is a rescue dog, and we previously mentioned Clooney got the dog to like him by rubbing meatballs on his shoes!

Check out the above vid to see the cutie.

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George Clooney Uses Meatballs To Rescue A Dog

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Sounds like a weird story but, with the help of some meatballs, George Clooney has adopted a dog.

Clooney saw a video of a poor, pound puppy on an animal shelter's website, and he immediately fell for the dog.

He had to have him.

So he contacted the animal shelter about taking home Einstein the dog. The shelter said sure… as long as Einstein liked him.

Clooney was already in love with the dog, so he had to cook up a plan that would ensure the dog would like him.

He said:

"Einstein is part cocker spaniel or something. I got him out of a shelter about a year and a half ago . . . So I go online and see Einstein. They had a whole film about him. It was actually really sweet. You see him all beat up in the shelter, and they show how they cleaned him up.

So I called and said, ‘I like Einstein!’ The woman goes, ‘Well, we don’t know if Einstein will like you.’ ‘Well, can I meet with Einstein?’ She says, ‘Yes, we’ll bring him to your house, but if he doesn’t like you, he can’t stay. We have to have good homes for these dogs.’ She sounded very serious.

I have this really long driveway, and I open the gate for them, and I start to panic that Einstein is not going to like me.

So I run into the kitchen, where I have these turkey meatballs, and I rub them all over my shoes. This woman opens the door, and who knew Einstein was such a food whore on top of everything? He throws himself at my feet.

She says, ‘I’ve never seen him react like that, ever!’ And she left him with me on the spot. And forever, now, he just thinks of me as the guy with meatball feet."


What a cute story.

We're sure they're best buds!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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This Is How George Clooney Got His Dog To Like Him

| Filed under: George Clooney


It's a simple tactic:

If you feed them, they will come.

This is the story of a man and his dog and how this man was able to get his dog to like him. The man, George Clooney, spoted a pup in a video for an animal shelter and instantly knew he wanted to bring him home. However, when he called the shelter, he learned it would be a lot more difficult than he imagined.

He explains:

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Elizabetta Canalis Gets Nekked For George Clooney PETA

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Elizabetta Canalis nekked


George Clooney's girlfriend Elizabetta Canalis is obviously more confident in her body than most - allowing unaltered pictures to be released form her new campaign for animal charity PETA.

The 32-year-old model and TV host stripped off for the charity's latest anti-fur adverts in which she posed completely naked in front of a simple blue background.

"I think this is the best reason why I got naked in my life,"

Elisabetta said.

The Italian model and actress said her strong opinions on protecting animals were formed when she was young.

"I was a kid, a little girl, and was watching TV at home and they showed a documentary. And in the documentary I saw how they killed little animals, like electrocuting them, drowning them, bludgeoning them. I was shocked because I was a little girl, but by that moment I thought that I would never, never, never, wear fur in my life."

Elizabetta's statement pleases furry animals and humans alike!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Clooney's Lady Would Rather Have Puppies Than Kiddies

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Elisabetta Canalis Loves Dogs

George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, who made a splash at the Sanremo music festival last night, says she definitely does not plan to have children.

The Italian model-actress, 32, who has been dating the Oscar winner since 2009, says getting pregnant has

"never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs."

We totally get that! Not everyone needs to be Brangelina!

It's no wonder this Italian actress won heart of America's most stubborn bachelor.

Those are some lucky pups!

[Image via WENN.]

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