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George Clooney Says He Uses A Flowbee To Cut His Hair Himself, And Has 'For 25 Years'!

George Clooney reveals he uses the Flowbee to cut his hair! And has for YEARS!

George Clooney really uses the Flowbee to cut his hair?! Really?!?!

That’s what he claims, at least, in a new interview done with CBS News journalist Tracy Smith for CBS Sunday Morning that is now going viral mid-day Sunday as more and more people are made aware of it on social media.

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In the interview, Clooney got to talking about the coronavirus pandemic, and dealing with quarantine and lockdown requirements in his life. Obviously, he was kept away from film production — like pretty much everybody else in Hollywood — but when Smith dug a little deeper and inquired into the star’s grooming habits, he produced a shocker: he’s apparently secretly been using a Flowbee to cut his hair for the last 25 years!

Admitting as much to a shocked Smith, the 59-year-old two-time winner of the Sexiest Man Alive contest said (below):

“I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 years. Years ago I bought a thing called a Flowbee … It comes with a vacuum cleaner and the clippers, yeah. I still have it.”

Incredulous, Smith first asked him to clarify whether he really meant the Flowbee, like, the one from the infamous 1980s infomercial (embedded below).

When Clooney confirmed as much, Smith was dumbfounded, amazed at the actor’s beauty “secret.”

Still, he noted that he’s been pleased with the results, saying:

“Yeah, it’s Flowbee. Listen, man, it works.”

Um… WOW.

You can see the entire interchange (below):

Wow. Really?! REALLY?!?!?!

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And for those of you generally unfamiliar with the crazy vacuum-like hair cutting device and its infamous vintage 1980s infomercial, well, wonder no more!

Here’s the Flowbee (below):


We’re just gonna be honest here and say we’re a little skeptical that Clooney actually uses this thing, to say the least…

But for what it’s worth, Allure reported back in March that the pandemic had re-popularized the Flowbee, and people were consistently buying them if only to get a semi-solid haircut at home while prevented from doing so during lockdowns. So maybe it is making a comeback or something! But Clooney?!?! Man, come on…

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Ah, well. Hey, if you’re in the market, the complete Flowbee package sells for less than $150 right now! And apparently it’s money well spent because as Clooney himself noted, “listen, man, it works.” Not a bad salesman to have pushing out your product, right?!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Have U ever tried the Flowbee? Does it really work?? And do you think Amal Clooney‘s husband honestly uses one on his own hair, or not?!

Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Flowbee/CBS News/YouTube]

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