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Lea Michele, Darren Criss & The Glee Cast Roar Their Way Back Into Our Hearts! Watch Every Performance From Last Night's Episode HERE

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ZOMG! Not only were the performances from last night's Glee AH-Mazing, the costumes were fantastically SPOT ON!

Especially when Chord Overstreet & Darren Criss performed shirtless!!!!

You know, maybe they can just walk around McKinley High without their shirts on till graduation? Maybe?!


The New Directions brought out their inner Katy Perrys & Lady Gagas in this weeks assignment to prepare for their new nemesis at Nationals — and they KILLED it.

Oh! Oh! Maybe they should just have the guys perform shirtless for Nationals; that will surely get them a win! Okay, we'll settle down now…

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera & the rest of the crew also lent their spectacular voices for the performance of Roar (above)!

Ch-ch-check out the rest of the performances from Glee (below)!!

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Every Glee-Tail: Forget Katy & GaGa! DARREN CRISS IS SHIRTLESS!!

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tumblr mvxgtab5hg1qdboxlo6 r1 250

You may live for the applause or you may insist that others hear you roar, but if you are a Gleek, no matter what team you belong to, you were cheering for last night's Glee.

Following the last episode before the hiatus, Glee was in dire need of some fun and frivolity. Last night's episode delivered with not only a great setlist of songs, but with the musical talents of Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert.

Oh… also, Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss were shirtless for like, 40% of the episode. Sure, it made the other 60% practically unwatchable, buuuuuuuut that's what the fast forward button is for later.

True to form, not too much plot development went down in McKinely till the last 20 mins or so — but then, oh boy, did the show deliver with a reignited feud and a cheating scandal! Wooo!

Wanna find out who hit the sheets behind who's back? And how Glambert fared on his trip to Gleeland?

Then check out our recap, fresh out the oven, filled with delectable GIFs for you to devour!


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Glee Is Burning Up With Jungle Fever! Listen To Their Version Of Katy Perry & Lady Gaga Songs HERE!

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The Gods of Glee have bestowed upon us music for their upcoming episode and the songs are EARGASMIC!

The cast of Glee is back at it again with their harmonic voices and it makes us want to put our hands together and make 'em touch!

Music from their latest episode, A Katy or A Gaga is here and they never fail to impress! We are loving the New Direction's take on these Katy Perry & Lady Gaga songs!

We hope you're excited because it sounds like it's gonna be a great episode!!

Take a listen to the songs on A Katy or A Gaga (above & below)!!

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Bette Midler Dishes Her Divalicious Thoughts On Pop-Stars Like Miley Cyrus On Katie Couric's Talk Show!

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bette midler on katie couric show about miley cyrus

The FABOOSH Bette Midler stopped by Katie Couric's talk show, Katie, to dish on all things diva and she shared her thoughts on the pop stars today.

Katie asked Bette her view on artists like Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa and their attention seeking ways and Bette's answer was pretty spot on.

She said:

"I think there's a difference between pushing the envelope sexually and pushing the envelope creatively. I think you can be as creative as you want to be and as inventive as you want to be…you can roll out old ideas and old thoughts and give them a new coat of paint. But the idea of whipping out the girls, I don't know, there's a grossness to it that I think is not flattering…to the women themselves."

Seeing as Bette is one of the original divas, we totally see her point!

She's a creative, inventive genius which we're sure most pop-stars today have been inspired by!!!

Bette also went on to dish about how much fun she and Sarah Jessica Parker had while filming Halloween favorite, Hocus Pocus!

Hmmm…We wonder how Mileybird feels about Bette's comments! We hope it doesn't start another feud!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to read 20 fun facts about Hocus Pocus!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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Adam Lambert Shows Off His Glee! Check Out His Version Of Marry The Night HERE!

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M-M-M-MARRY US, Ryan Murphy!

Yes, we lay our hearts down at your feet, sir, as you've managed to up the ante this season with not just one, but two powerhouse performers on Glee!

True, it's been a rough couple of months for anyone who calls themselves a Gleek and while there still a long road ahead, it looks like the show is getting back to its roots with a showstopping episode!

Next week, Glee returns with an hour dedicated to the music of one Katy Perry and one Lady GaGa. We've gotten our first taste of the music, straight from the cast's newest guest star, Adam Lambert!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to immerse your ears in his version of Marry The Night!

Not bad, huh?!

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