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The Sarah Silverman Program Cancelled

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So sad.

The HIGHlarious Sarah Silverman Program has been cancelled after its third season.

It's been a difficult run for the Comedy Central series - producers Dan Sterling and Rob Schrab were forced to slash the show's budget in 2009 by more than 20%, and halfway through season three, it got bumped from its 10:30 spot to midnight!

We're disappointed, because we LOVED the show, but we know Miz Silverman will do just fine!

We can't wait to read your book, bb!

What do U think?? Will U be singing The White Dog Poop song in honor of the show's cancellation today??

Quote Of The Day

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"Maybe thrice a year, I'll watch some porn on the internet. For me, it's a private thing. It's like a secret joy, that sort of sexual supershame that you get masturbating as a child."

- Sarah Silverman tells Elle

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The Sarah Silverman Program (Most Likely) Comes To An End!

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Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program will most likely not make it to a fourth season!

Silverman's co-star, comedian Brian Posehn stated that he believes the show will be canned after this season "just because it was so tough to get them to give us the money to do the third season."

But may this be a case of the funnyman's growing pessimism?

Says Posehn: "I don't know. I'm also a negative person. I'm not going to be the blue sky-er, you know. I feel like we're lucky to have done what we've done, and I would be very happy to come back and do a season four. But I'd also be completely surprised if it happened."

Fair enough!

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Sarah Getting Intimate With Her Man In Public

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We love us some Jimmy Kimmel, but Sarah Silverman definitely got an upgrade.

Talk about a hottie!

Sarah was spotted earlier today having lunch at The Grove in Hollywood with her beau, Family Guy producer Alec Sulkin.

And the two weren't shy about any PDA.

At one point, Sarah even got on her man's lap to give him some affection and long kisses.

How cute.

Question is, will they last?

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Sarah Silverman On Love And Jimmy Kimmel!

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It's true!

Sometimes it just doesn't work!

Sarah Silverman has revealed she will always love ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, but it was unfortunately not enough to save their seven year relationship!

The funny lady says:

"I think Jimmy and I had every intention of spending the rest of our lives with each other. I love love. It's my top priority. Jimmy will tell you. I'm a good girl. We were together for so long and tried our best to make it work. I can think of him now and don't have that edgy feeling anymore. I just love him to pieces. Sometimes loving each other isn't enough. You have to be responsible for your own happiness. You can't stay in a relationship because you're afraid of the unknown. But I will always love him. Sometimes I think maybe we'll die together in our old age or something."

That's so sweet! AND mature!

Not everyone can let go of their ex like that and still look back fondly!!

Kudos, Sarah!!

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Silverman Slams Claims That Kimmel Never Told Her She Was Pretty!!

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Our bad!!! We didn't mean to perpetuate falsities!!

We recently quoted the lovely and HIGHlarious Sarah Silverman as saying that her new man, Alec Sulkin was the first guy in a decade to tell her she was pretty, which immediately drew speculation that her former beau, the equally funny Jimmy Kimmel, was unaffectionate!!

Today, the comedienne is shooting down those claims.

US: You recently made some comments about exes that seemed to take aim about Jimmy. What’s your relationship with him like now?
"I'm actually glad you asked because this week has been ridiculous — Jimmy and I are friends! I said that this new guy was super skinny and people reported that I called Jimmy fat - Jimmy's perfect! I said that this new guy says sweet things and all of a sudden the news is that Jimmy never told me I was pretty! Give me a break! The gossip blogs are putting a strain on a real nice post-relationship relationship I have going with one Mr. Jimmy Kimmel, who loved me even when my thighs were at their biggest."

Well that is a relief!! We're happy that the two have come above their break-up and remained friends, and that Jimmy was good to her while they were together!!

Congratulations are in order for both of you!!

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