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Spotted: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, enjoying her off night from her Broadway show, at the Tina Turner concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Monday night.

Clash Of The Divas: Still Feuding

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Whether Beyowulf meant to or not, she's initiated an epic clash of the divas!

During the Grammy awards in February, Beyonce redubbed Tina Turner "the queen," sending Aretha Franklin into an indignant tizzy.

Pulling the claws out like no other bitch can, Aretha called Beyowulf's comment a "cheap shot at controversy."


Tina Turner remained mum at the time of Aretha's verbal attack, but USA Today recently got a response out of her.

"She's the queen of soul, and I'm the queen of rock 'n' roll. There were so many kings and queens there that night. Her ego must be so big to think she was the only one. That's how queens are!"

All right, so where does that put the score?

Tina: 1, Aretha: 1.

Aretha was quick to retaliate and prove that today's celebrity feuds ain't got nothing on the original divas.

"I never figured her to resort to tacky press just to sell a few tickets," says Franklin, who adds she has never met Turner. "I really had put her in a different class — higher than that.
"No one has been more gracious…to their peers than I have, and I am confident and secure enough to do so, unlike some others."

Aretha: 2, Tina: 1.


The ball's in your court, Tina. Let her have it!

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Tina! Tina! Tina!!!!!!

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This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The legendary icon that is Miz Tina Turner took a break from her new tour to send Perezito a short, sweet, sexy video message!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out!


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Tom Cruise with Oprah Winfrey (plus Gayle and Steadman ) at the Tina Turner concert in Chicago on Friday night.

The Return Of Tina

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Just like Cher, there's no getting rid of Tina Turner.

Divas just won't go quietly.

Nor should they!

Eight years after her "farewell" tour, Tina got onstage in Kansas City, MO, Wednesday night and kicked off her 36-date tour.

In attendance were Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. Plus Gayle too - duh!

Tina's not resting either. She'll be performing in Chicago this Friday and Saturday night.

As for last night, Tina told the crowd, ‘‘It never stopped. People want to see you live. Even Sophia Loren asked me, ‘When are you going back to work? You were born with a gift. You have a responsibility.’ She made me feel like it was a duty. Those Italians work forever.’’

Turner, who turns 69 next month, added, ‘‘I started when I was 20. To be home and out of the business felt good. I didn’t miss the press, the lack of privacy, living in hotels.’’

Well, so what's the point of coming back and having a tour?

But, she added, ‘‘I wouldn’t want to diminish my credibility, so if I’m ever going to do it, now is the time. I’m in shape. And once I saw some of the Bob Mackie costumes, I started getting excited.’’

And she's apparently gone all out for her tour, yet keeping it simple at the same time.

Tina will have four dancers with choreography by Toni Basil and her stage was designed by British architect Mark Fisher, who has created sets for U2, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones.

And as for her entrance, she said she dreamed it up and it's inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tina's former farewell tour brought in $100 million from 89 shows and became the top tour in 2000 and the highest-grossing tour by a female artist ever, until she was surpassed by Madonna.

[Image via AP Images.]

Your First Look!

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The ageless Tina Turner is about to embark on a 7-month world tour.

It's hard to believe that she is 68-years old!

The music legend has hired her trusty friend Bob Mackie (yes, the same guy who designs for Cher) to whip up the stuff that she'll strut in on-stage.

One of the designer's tour costume sketches was revealed on Tuesday (above).

There's no doubt that Tina will look amazing in that short, sexy, short, chocolate creation!

Did we mention SHORT???

Mackie said Tina's “leaning a bit more towards a rock-influenced look.”

So, there's going to be thigh-grazing dresses, beaded tops and shiny stretch pants accented by lacing, fringe, studs and jewels.



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CLICK HERE to watch hot footage of Miz Tina Turner rehearsing for her new tour!