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Big Bang Character's Catch Phrase Is Now A New Species Of Bee!

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That's how you know your show is setting off a Big Bang in the science world.

Jim Parsons's character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, has taken TV viewers and scientists by storm and the bees are thanking him too.

Sheldon's catchphrase, bazinga!, is now the name of a new species of bee!

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Pet Love Motel Opens In Brazil!

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Whoa whoa WHOA!!! These pets better not to be charging our credit cards for their little naughty trysts! LOLz!

Brazil is the latest country to cash in on the pet hotel trade but a Sao Paulo motel doesn't just want your pets' money…

They want them to find LUV!!! Smoochies!!!!

The pet industry is one of the largest accesory business in the world and it continues to grow.

From the States, to Brazil, to Japan, the market is forever expanding for your pet!

Check out what this Brazilian motel (above) has to offer your pet in love!

For 50 bucks!

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FIFA Reveals The 2014 World Cup Mascot!

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What a perfect fit! A animal who likes to roll around like a ball that can help bring focus to the environment!

FIFA has revealed the mascot for the 2014 World Cup - a fun loving armadillo representing

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Brazilian Couple To Open A Doggy Love Hotel?!

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Are you planning on taking a romantic getaway to Brazil anytime soon?

Now your pooch can take his/her companion with them too.

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30 Dolphins Saved Right After Beaching

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This is incredible.

In Brazil, 30 or so dolphins looked like they were fleeing from something, probably an orca.

They swam right to the shore and literally beached themselves.

Luckily, beach goers quickly realized something was wrong and immediately

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Drunk Man Attacked After Jumping Into Monkey Enclosure

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At a zoo near Sao Paulo, Brazil, a man thought it might be fun to play with some spider monkeys.

So the drunk man (oh yeah, he was drunk at the time) hopped the small fence into the monkey enclosure.

It wasn't long until the monkeys, assuming he was a threat, attacked him and bit his arm and hand, causing some pretty severe bleeding.

Check out the above video to see the whole thing but BEWARE it is a bit graphic.

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Piranhas Attack 100 People In Brazil

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Piranha attack

In Piranha 3-D At a beach in Brazil, about 100 beach goers were bitten by piranhas.

Dozens of people were treated for bites all over their feet that they sustained while in the ocean.

These attacks have been going on for over two months.

If it's been happening for that long… why are people still going in the ocean??

To try and stop the piranhas from attacking people, environmentalists have added over 100,000 Tilapia to the area.

A local environment official said:

"Since they have no predators, piranhas have started attacking people on the beach."

The hunter has become the hunted. Well, not exactly. But it's gotta be scary to not really be sitting on the top of the food chain.

[Image via AP Images.]

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