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90 Day Fiancé Star Paul Staehle Is MISSING, Says Wife Karine!

90 Day Fiancé Star Paul Kaehle Is MISSING, Says Wife Karine!

OMG! This is frightening!

90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle is reportedly missing! And the details are shocking and confusing AF!

Fans first became concerned on Thursday when Paul’s wife Karine Staehle took to Instagram to break the horrific news that her partner is seemingly gone. Alongside a reel full of photos of the couple and their two kids (one of which saw them exploring in Rio De Janeiro), she wrote:

“Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much. We will never forget you or the good memories we all shared.”

Oh my gosh. That sounds like a tribute… What’s going on??

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The posts didn’t stop there. The Brazilian also went to her Story where she added a little bit of clarity, revealing:

“Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.”

Oh no!

Here’s where things got very strange, though. Hours later, she continued posting as if nothing was wrong! First, she reportedly snapped a pic of her stomach which showed a small baby bump, and then a pic of an object reading, “Live, laugh love.” She followed those up with pictures of her breakfast and her cat wearing a Halloween-themed outfit, per The US Sun. Wtf?!

Things got even more concerning when she added:

“Life insurance is a final way of telling your loved ones, ‘I’ve got you.'”

Wow. This is getting eerie, right? After all this, she posted another video of her husband snuggling their kids with a sad-face emoji on top. It’s no secret these two have had a complicated past. After marrying in 2017, Karine filed for a restraining order against her partner, accusing him of sexual assault. They briefly split but confirmed they were back together in April 2023. So, did something happen in their marriage to cause him to disappear? Or where could he be?

Hang on, there’s more…

As the story unfolds, TMZ spoke with the TLC star’s mother Edna, who claimed Paul has been traveling in the South American country since the end of July. Something went very wrong on Thursday morning when his family received a string of alarming texts, in which he asked his mom for her help claiming he was lost! He even urged her to help him secure a boat and gave her contact information to people who could assist him.

Worse, he’s now gone radio silent! Edna can’t get in touch with him and it seems his phone is either off, has lost signal, or is out of battery. So they have no way of reaching him even if they do get the boat and could track him down! The last spot his phone pinged was somewhere in the Amazon.

Sadly, Edna has already reached out to the folks her son suggested could get him out of this sticky situation and they haven’t responded! Weird! Her friend John Yates took to IG to share screenshots of her final conversations with Paul on her behalf, in which he reveals he went somewhere “alone,” noting:

“I f**ked up i f**ked up bad”

Jeez! Take a look:

This is SO scary!

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While Karine has been outspoken on social media, she can’t be of much help either. Karine is currently in the United States, per TMZ, but has reached out to her family in Brazil to inform them her hubby might need help. She also reportedly doesn’t know if local authorities are actively looking for him at this time.

Per Page Six, Izabele Medeiros was one of the people Edna was told to contact. She posted a statement to her Instagram, which she translated from Portuguese to English, sharing:

“hello everyone I can’t give much information because we don’t have anything concrete to tell we are looking to find out where paul is unfortunately we have to wait a certain time to call the police wholeheartedly this is not a joke”

Strangely, this isn’t the first time Paul has been reported missing. Last summer, he and his son Pierre showed up in a missing persons police bulletin in Kentucky, but he told the outlet it was “a big misunderstanding” and that he’d just been on a long work time with his son.

Because of this, his momma is now hoping this isn’t a stunt as she is incredibly worried and praying for him. We can’t imagine what she’s feeling! Our thoughts are with him and his family right now! We hope he’s okay!!!

[Image via Karine Staehle/John Yates/Instagram & 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube]

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