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Lil' Kim And Nicki Minaj's Feud Reignites!

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These two just won't let this die, will they?!

The ongoing feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim escalated once again yesterday via Twitter, as the former apparently attempted to start some shiz against the latter with the following message before quickly deleting it:

Lil' Kim U Next

However, she wasn't fast enough, and Kim got word of it. And as you can see below, gurlfriend was NOT pleased!

She responded with:

What type of coward lame ass bitch tweets some shit and then deletes it. REAL bitches stand by what they say BOZO…

You cheap stocking cap glued $10 bag hair wig wearing bitch. Get a lace front!!! FYI Indian hair don't come in green BITCH…

You free lunch eating bitch…WHAT!!!

Bitch I see you crawling!!! I got my can of RAID. Come get it!!! #TwitterRoach !!!!

Yeesh! This has just become the feud that will not die, hasn't it?!

Ladies, ladies, please!

Can't you two just tear each other to shreds in a collaboration? That way you can both say what you feel needs to be said, but we can also have one hawt-ass track! LOLz!

Just saying!

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Another One Of Charlie's Angels Cast?

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It certainly sounds that way! Although we don't think anyone was supposed to know yet!

Make-up artist Wendi Lynn Avignone may have inadvertently spilled the confidential news when she took to Twitter to express her excitement that she would be once again working on the series with former Heroes and Entourage actress Dania Ramirez!

She wrote:

"Dania and I worked together Heroes and Entourage. Here we r Charlie's Angels!"

However, the Tweet was later deleted and a casting rep from ABC denied the claim!

Hmm…something's a little shady about all of this! Maybe the deal hasn't been finalized!

But we dig Dania, and think she'd make a great addition to the series, so hopefully this doesn't cost her the job!

What do U think?? Who do you want to see as Charlie's Angels??

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What's Going On, Demi??

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Demi Lovato has deleted her Twitter page and we're totally sad about it!

The young singer is also reportedly sick and has canceled an upcoming performance.

We hope everything's okay, Demi!! Your fans are waiting for you!

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Rare Deleted Scene From Lady GaGa's Bad Romance Vid!!

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Lookie here!!

Watch this rare, never before seen deleted scene from Lady GaGa's Bad Romance video!!

It's 7 seconds of pure ferocity!

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