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Kanye West Restricted On Instagram After Anti-Semitic Post!

Kanye West Restricted On Instagram After Anti-Semitic Post!

Well, we aren’t surprised by this news…

According to NBC News on Saturday, a spokesperson for Meta said Instagram slapped restrictions on Kanye West’s account for violating the social media platform’s rules and guidelines. The company has a policy of placing restrictions on users after repeated violations – and as you may recall, Insta already suspended Kanye earlier this year after using a racial epithet toward Trevor Noah. This means that while Kanye’s account is still visible, he temporarily won’t be able to share posts, write comments, or send direct messages.

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Additionally, the spokesperson noted that IG deleted certain content from his page. Although they did not specify which posts broke their rules and were subsequently removed, this action did come after Kanye shared a text message conversation with Diddy, containing anti-semitic comments. When Diddy asked to meet with Kanye face-to-face, the 45-year-old rapper responded to the text by insinuating the 52-year-old was being controlled by Jewish people – a reference to an anti-semitic stereotype. He wrote:

“This ain’t a game… Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me… I told you this was war…Now gone get you some business.”

What the f**k, Kanye…

The post has since been deleted. Kanye also came under fire for more harmful anti-semitic comments he made while on Tucker Carlson Tonight about how Jared Kushner facilitated the Abraham Accords for monetary gain. Following these incidents, the executive director of the nonprofit group StopAntisemitism, Liora Rez, slammed the father of four for his “horrifying” remarks. She said to Newsweek:

“This is horrifying, just to…tap into these century-old antisemitic myths of Jewish money.”

As for the Instagram post? While Liora understands Kanye suffers from mental health struggles, she noted that “this gives him zero excuses to spew baseless and confusing messages about Jews, specifically when antisemitism has been set ablaze across America.” She continued:

“Furthermore, his language about influence taps into an age-old antisemitic myth and stereotype about Jewish control. I don’t think he understands when his wording is problematic, but we hope he deletes the Instagram posts. Jews have enough issues as it is right now without him furthering any type of negativity towards us and hatred.”

No word how long this restriction will last. However, Kanye has already responded to the situation on Twitter. He shared a picture with Mark Zuckerberg, writing:

“Look at this Mark… How you gone kick me off instagram.”

Kanye West Restricted On Instagram After Anti-Semitic Post!
(c) Kanye West/Twitter

We’ll have to wait and see how long this penalty will last from Instagram — but Ye doesn’t seem too worried about it since he has already switch to Twitter to clap back at his critics. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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