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Jillian Michaels Hints Her Biggest Loser Scandal Was Just A Way To Bring Back Ruben Studdard!

jillian michaels ruben studdard biggest loser scandal

Jillian Michaels does NOT like to be messed with, or thrown under the bus! We mean, nobody does — but she's not gonna just sit on the beach and take it!

It all started when producers accused Jillian of

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Alcohol Substitute Promises To Get You Wasted Without The Hangover!

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alcohol substitute sober antidote

Does a booze substitute that makes you drunk without having the hangover later sound awesome?

What if we told you that there's also an 'antidote' chaser that promises to sober you up immediately??

We say it sounds pretty incredible, we just wish it existed… oh wait, it does!!

A leading British neuroscientist claims to have created an “alcohol substitute” that

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MasterChef Contestants Accuse Judges Of Assault & Sexual Harassment!

gordon ramsay masterchef sexual assault harassment accusations sad icky serious

Someone's in hot water here!

Two former MasterChef contestants have accused Gordon Ramsay of sexual harassment and physical assault, in addition to his harsh ranting we all know and love.

For the record, we're not jumping to any conclusions, because these are VERY SERIOUS allegations.

The first contestant,

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Kentucky Moves To Approve Hemp Legalization!

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kentucky hemp production legalization legal matter state farmers industry

Believe it or not, squares, but hemp is actually a VERY versatile material!

Now, Kentucky farmers might be able to grow hemp for a variety of products — because a vote passed the state Senate on Thursday! It isn't just some hippie material, and it has a lot of promise as an industry. That is, if the skepticism from the governor and Kentucky State Police don't ruin the chances completely!

Still, the latest 31-6 vote is very promising and could make Kentucky among the first in the nation to legalize the crop, potentially creating thousands of hemp-related jobs growing and processing the plant's fiber and seeds.

The problem is, people are afraid of it because it's a relative to marijuana!

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Honey Boo Boo's Mama June Lost 100 Pounds?!?!?!?

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honey boo boo mama june lost 100 pounds schedule hectic active production two years

You GO Mama June!!

So in a recent interview, Mama says that she's dropped more that 100 pounds in the past two years while recording he hit reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! That's so fab, as a lot of people have been worried about her weight, with such a big family to take care of!

The shocking part of this?

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Dan Marino Has A Love Child?!?!?!

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dan marino dolphins love child marriage cheating mistress arnold sad sick football

We wonder if he's getting advice from Arnoooooold! Ha!

Dan Marino has just admitted to having a love child while married, and made the shocking confession on his wedding anniversary!

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Chicken Wing Shortage For The Super Bowl?!

Filed under: FoodFootballSuper Bowl


We just previously mentioned that chicken wings stock was expected to hit a record high because of the Super Bowl.

Now it seems like chicken wings may be in such high demand that they won't be easy to find on game day!

Due to the high cost of corn and feed, chicken wing production has decreased.

So what happens when you add decreased production with an increased demand??

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