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50 Cent Takes Responsibility For His Failed First Pitch!

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50 cent takes responsibility for his failed first pitch

At least he's owning up to its awfulness!

50 Cent recently threw one of the worst first pitches in baseball's entire history, and the rapper admits its epic badness was all real and was no publicity stunt!

Although he's still claiming the ball "slipped" out of his hand — so he's not owning his mistake all the way, ha!

Here's what he recently said during a Friday interview with Good Morning America

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Wait, This Is A Coupon For WHAT?? This Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing — YOU Decide!

Otha's in Brooklyn has a great deal for you!

Saving money is the name of the game, and some people go ALL OUT couponing.

Some spend hours trying to find the best deals, and coupons that will work together to save them the most money. It's all about finding the right clipping.

They'd be kicking themselves if they missed this one:

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Amy's Baking Company Bails On Kitchen Nightmares AND Dr. Phil!! Find Out Their Crazy Reason Why!

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Amy's Baking Company bailed on Kitchen Nightmares as well as Dr. Phil!! What the heck!

If you've ever seen Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, you'll probably know a thing or two about Amy's Baking Company.

They're a wonderful little place of magic and controversy.

Whether it's their "awful" food, the allegations of employee abuse or the fact that Samy Bouzaglo is probably getting deported, there's always a reason to watch these adorable nutjobs!

Remember when we were so super excited they were coming back to TV??

Well that's not happening anymore…

They've not only disappeared from local TV listings, worrying Kitchen Nightmares fans, they've also bailed on Dr. Phil!

So, why did the best part of Kitchen Nightmares decide to bail on the show?

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EA Games Has To Pay Madden Creator MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

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madden nfl ea game sports creator lawsuit awarded

Juries can be harsh, right EA Games??

LOLz! The gaming company has just been ordered by a jury and court to pay $11 million to the creator of one of their most lucrative franchises — Madden NFL!

Oh, and guess what! That amount is only based on games sales between 1990 and 1996 — the sum is expected to rise as the trail shifts to cover the recent title sales!

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Kris Humphries Ca$he$ In On Divorce Drama, Signs $150k Endorsement Deal!

kris humphries endorsement deal

We guess two can play at this game!

While Kim Kardashian has been keeping busy since announcing she and Kris Humphries would be getting a divorce after 72 days of marriage, her soon-to-be-ex is keeping the ca$h flow coming, as well - as he's just announced a brand new endorsement deal with Sector watches that will secure him $150,000!

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Olive Garden's Tuscan Cooking School Is A Sham

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Olive Garden Tuscan Cooking Institute

Although this shouldn't come as a surprise to many, but anyone expecting to taste the secrets of Tuscany at an Olive Garden should probably avoid the chain.

According to a former manager of a franchise location, Olive Garden's Culinary Institute of Tuscany "located in the heart of Tuscany, Italy in a restored 11th century village" is nothing more than a publicity sham.

The manager claims he scored a lucky, all-expense-paid trip to the chain's Tuscan "culinary institute" (supposedly pictured above) in 2007, but spent more time boozing and touring the country than doing any actual cooking.

A "culinary institute" suggests there is some kind of campus or school, however, the manager reveals it is simple a hotel that the company books in the off-season, while using its restaurant for sporadic "classes" that lasted "maybe an hour here or there" where they would "talk about spices or fresh produce for a minute".

Sounds VERY prestigious.

While spilling his guts on an online messaging board under the name FIDELIA079, the anonymous manager continued to write:

"The only time we saw the 'chef' was when she made a bolognese sauce while taking pictures with each of us to send to our local newspapers. They sent pre-written articles to our local newspaper with fake quotes from me and a group photo. Also, every year when they would run the promotion I was supposed to wear a special 'chef' coat and make conversation with guests who ordered the promotional meals."

We doubt this news will ward off too many customers who go for the modest prices, as well as the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks.

However, maybe it's time for the restaurant to stop pretending their "authentic Italian" recipes are from the "heart of Tuscany" and start acknowledging they're from a corporate instructional manual.

[Image via Olive Garden Images.]

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