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Teresa Giudice & Sofia Vergara Have Beef -- Details On Their Years-Old Grudge HERE!

Teresa Giudice & Sofia Vergara Have Beef! Details On Their Years-Old Grudge HERE!

Say what you will about Teresa Giudice (and we do!), but nobody holds a grudge better than her.

This week, on her popular podcast Namaste B$tches, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star proved that to be the case once again by calling out actress Sofia Vergara regarding a SIX-YEAR-OLD interaction! Yes, really!

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So, this all started way back in 2017. Both the Bravo star and the Modern Family actress were being interviewed at an event that year by Mario Lopez. At some point after the interview, both stars’ PR staffers decided it would be cool if the two women could get together for a photo. Makes sense, right? Two much-followed stars in the same place — and especially two stars who run in different circles of fame — so why not get them together for a pic?!

Well, things supposedly went wrong right from the start. And to hear Teresa tell it, the whole thing was… Sofia’s fault??

On her podcast, the 51-year-old explained:

“Sofia Vegara’s PR person and my PR person spoke together, and I guess the two of them said, ‘Let’s get a picture of Teresa and Sofia together.’ I didn’t want a picture with her. I never ask to take a picture with anybody. I didn’t care to take a picture with her. I’m so not like that.”


So right from the start, Tre is tossing shade (or at least offering up an altered memory of it…), even if it’s not openly at Sofia. Yet.

But things quickly went from bad to worse!! When it came time to actually do the pic, the mom of four recalled how Vergara allegedly boxed her out of the frame and purposely stood out in front of the entire shot:

“When we went to go take picture, she was like standing in front of me. It’s like, ‘OK, that’s not how you take a picture.’ She was like, the most rudest woman I’ve ever met.”


Tre took things to a personal level right after that on the pod. She began to mimic Sofia’s thick Colombian accent with a mocking tone while she added:

“Like, I saw her whole demeanor, and then I heard her say to her PR person, ‘Why you making me take a picture with that lady?'”

Dude! Not cool! No need to mock anybody here?! If you have a bad experience, fine, whatever. Something tells us not every single person who has come across the RHONJ star has had a pleasant time!! But why mock an accent??

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Anyways, Luis Ruelas‘ wife went on to say she actually next confronted Sofia over not wanting to take the pic:

“I was just like, ‘Excuse me?’ I said, ‘I did not want to take a picture with you.’ I said, ‘I would never ask to take a picture with you.'”

Hmmm… But no word on Sofia’s response?! Something tells us she didn’t just stand there and take it!!

To wrap it all up, Tre sounded seriously miffed about how Sofia “forgot where she came from.” (Colombia, Tre! She came from Colombia. You just made fun of her for it, remember?!) The Bravo-lebrity then concluded the pod segment by explaining how she is not — and, we assume, never will be — a fan of the lovable Modern Family alum:

“I was like, ‘How rude… You’re so not a humble person.’ You forgot where you came from. It’s not like she, you know, she started out like being on the top, you know… She forgot where she came from. She was so not a down-to-earth person. So not a fan of her.”

There you have it! A six-year-old celebrity feud that had been bubbling under the surface is now ALL the way out in the open!

Of course, it follows on the heels of news about Sofia’s highly-publicized divorce from Joe Manganiello. So, something tells us the actress is focusing on other things besides Tre’s talk.

But this is out there now regardless!! Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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