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Human Stem Cells Restore Gerbils' Hearing

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In a new study, scientists were able to improve the hearing in deaf animals by using human stem cells!

Maybe we're that much closer to breeding centaurs and other cool human animal hybrids!

The treatment they used would only be able to treat

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Backyard Butcher Starts His Jail Sentence


Roberto Celedon, the backyard butcher of Southern California, has finally started his prison sentence.

After months of investigating and building a case against him, the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control and the District Attorney were able to land him behind bars.

He pleaded no contest to felony charges relating to animal cruelty and

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Willie Nelson Saves Neglected Horses

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By adopting them!

He's not just donating money or starting a charity, he is really actively helping horses.

Two specific horses, Whisper and Traveler, a stallion and a mare, were recently rescued from their owner for neglect.

As soon as the two horses are fully recovered and back to health, Willie Nelson has offered to

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Ashley Judd Treats Depression Doggystyle

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, folks!

Which is why Ashley Judd, star of the upcoming show Missing, keeps her adorable dog on set with her all the time

Shug, a registered “psychological support” puppy, and helps

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The UK's Exploding Dartmoor Ponies Go On The Pill

Filed under: AnglophiliaScience!Horses


The Dartmoor Pony is a wild horse that lives in south-western England and there's been a recent population explosion.

It is a semi-feral pony which means that they're basically wild horses but they have contact with humans and have learned to tolerate them whether it is occasional feeding, medical care or just crossed paths.

These ponies have been breeding like crazy recently with many of them ending up in sanctuaries or at the slaughterhouse.

So vets working with World Horse Welfare have partnered with the drug company Pfizer to bring contraceptive injections to the ponies.

A vet said:

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How Pets Can Help Treat Your Depression!

Filed under: HealthDog

pets help treat depression

You know how after you have a long shiteous day, the only thing that can really get you to smile is your dog licking your face or wagging its tail?

Well, there's a scientific explanation for that!

According to veterinarians, researchers, and psychologists alike, pets are good for both people's mental and physical health, and improve not only mild to moderate depression in many, but sleep patterns and overall wellness!

According to psychologist Teri Wright:

"Pets just feel good to hold on to. They make you feel important, like you matter."

Meanwhile, psychologist Alan Entin pretty much sums it up with:

"Unconditional love. When you are feeling down and out, the puppy just starts licking you, being with you, saying with his eyes, 'You are the greatest.' When an animal is giving you that kind of attention, you can't help but respond by improving your mood and playing with it. For many people pets are the only relatives they have. It relieves their loneliness. People with animals tend to relate to them and they feel better. When people have a pet in the house, it forces them to take care of another life," Entin says. With the focus outward, he says, the pet owner may not dwell on their depressed mood as much."

Certainly makes enough sense to us!

It's hard to be bummed when they are ready to share with you all of that love and joy they have inside themselves!

We'd certainly pick that over a xanax chill pill! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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CUTENESS: Dog Lovez Underwater Treadmill

Filed under: HealthCuteness!DogPit Bull


This is Dylan, the pitbull mix is receiving therapy for a post op TPLO surgery — and he LOVEZ it!!

His physical therapists at CARE treatment center say Dylan is breaking the rules by splashing around and eating the water. But the pitbull seems to know if it's cute he can get away with it!

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