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Allison Holker Opens Up About 'Really Hard Conversations' With Kids About Death Of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss

Allison Holker Opens Up About ‘Really Hard Conversations’ With Kids Following Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Death

Allison Holker is opening up about just how “hard” it’s been to speak with her kids about their late father Stephen tWitch Boss’ death.

In her first TV interview since the devastating tragedy back in December, the mother of three spoke vulnerably with Today host Hoda Kotb about the reality she faces in the wake of her late husband’s death Wednesday morning: 

“I still feel like the rest of the world where I’m still shocked. No one’s ready for that moment and there’s no one that saw this coming. No one.”

She continued:

“That also breaks my heart too — that he was so there and we weren’t in the knowing. He wanted to be the strong one for everyone and I think that was a little scary for him to think that he might need to ask for help.”

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She described him as “so much love and light,” adding:

“He really wanted to be everyone’s Superman. He said that a lot.”

Three of those people definitely included the late dancer’s three children, including Allison’s 14-year-old daughter Weslie, who he adopted, 7-year-old son Maddox, and 3-year-old daughter Zaia. His widow, who is now left alone to be their superhero, bravely explained while fighting back tears:

“It’s honestly something I wouldn’t wish for anybody. It’s really hard. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that communication is key.”

She admitted “there’s been some really hard conversations,” but ultimately they’re surviving by keeping tWitch as an integral part of their family dynamic: 

“To us, daddy’s in the stars. So we can go outside and talk to him whenever we want.”

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Sadly though, for the little ones, grasping the concept that he’s really gone has been difficult. Allison revealed: 

“They just ask, ‘When is Daddy coming back?’ and that’s a really hard one. Then, it’ll be a couple weeks later, ‘But does he come back when he’s older? Like, when Daddy’s older, he’ll come back?’”

Ugh, how completely heartbreaking. Allison explained of her young kids:

“They are still children and still obviously want him here.”

We genuinely wish her all the love and strength in the world. What an impossibly difficult thing to experience. But when it comes to her alone time, Allison explained she used to think a lot about if there was something more she could have done — but has more recently learned to accept things for what they are:

“I eventually had to tell myself that I can’t change anything that’s happened.”

Watch her full emotional interview (below): 

The whole world is in your corner, Allison. Stay strong. Share all your support in the comments down below…

[Images via Allison Holker/Instagram & NBC/YouTube]

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