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Animal Serial Killer's Death Toll Rises To 17... And Officials Are Scared Humans Are Next!

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This is straight up sociopathic!
17 animals have been found dead by scalpel in Canada over the past year, and authorities are starting to think the serial killer could upgrade to human targets soon.
Throughout 2016, nearly a dozen and half animals — including coyotes, snakes, rabbits, geese, dogs, and cats — have been found mutilated in public places around London, Ontario, with their blood drained and their organs professionally removed.
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While the killer was mostly only attacking wild animals at first, a headless dog was found skinned outside a beer store last Friday… which, in addition to a cat carcass located alongside the Thames River recently, means he’s officially going after domestic animals as well.
But to make things even worse, Judy Foster, executive director of London Human Society, believes this crime spree could have started TWO years ago when the animal rights organization received a skinned goose at their front door!
Judy spoke with London Free Press about the serial killings on Wednesday, saying:

“It doesn’t make me feel better knowing there is such great similarities between all of these and the disturbing part is you don’t know when the animals died — at the start, halfway through, or as a result of what was done to it. It’s impossible to forget what we’ve seen… The animals are incredibly clean. We believe that it would take a fair amount of time to do that.”

Absolutely chilling.
In that same interview, former cop and current criminology professor Michael Arntfield warned the Canadian public to stay safe, saying:

“It’s crossing the species boundary now and it’s no question that it’s the same people or group of people. [It is] a preparatory behavior that will inevitably escalate to more sophisticated forms of offending, up to and including human victims.”

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But just in case you missed that… Mike doubled down on his point to The Montreal Gazette on Friday, adding:

“This will continue to escalate. This is not a prank, it’s not mischief. It’s sexual, it’s predatory, it’s high risk, and it’s criminal.”

Harming animals is one of the three traits commonly attributed to early warning signs of serial killers… so we would take his advice seriously!
Stay safe out there, Canadian Perezcious Readers!!
[Image via NBC.]

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