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RFK Jr. Accused Of Eating Dog & Assaulting Babysitter -- His INSANE Response? 'I Am Not A Church Boy'

RFK Jr Eating Dog Babysitter Assault Accusation Church Boy Skeletons In Closet

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Remember two months ago when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said doctors found a worm in his brain? That should have been enough to destroy the guy’s campaign, but maybe just the results of having had a worm in your brain will be enough. Because the way he’s answering these new accusations makes it feel like there’s more where that one little wriggler came from.

The Vanity Fair exposé is truly wild stuff. Hell, the thing is titled RFK Jr.’s Family Doesn’t Want Him to Run. Even They May Not Know His Darkest Secrets. Chilling, right? And the article lives up to its headline! We recommend reading the whole thing HERE if you have the time. But who does, right? We’ll just jump to the two really big shocks…

The Babysitter

In 1998, RFK Jr. and his then-wife Mary Richardson hired a 23-year-old recent college grad named Eliza Cooney to be a part-time babysitter for their four kids. She is now telling the story of RFK’s inappropriate behavior with her that caused her to leave the job. And she has contemporaneous evidence, too — her diary from those days, in which she wrote all this down!

Eliza told VF about an incident in November of that year when, during a meeting about environmental volunteering in the family’s kitchen, RFK kept rubbing her thigh and hand under the table. She wrote in her diary:

“It seemed like he thought I was somebody else or wasn’t paying attention. Like he would come to every once in a while and snap out of it or I would move away. It was like he was on something or really tired or was missing Mary or was testing me.”

A few weeks later she found RFK standing shirtless in her room, her open diary next to him on the bed. He asked her to rub lotion on his back. WHAT??

At the time RFK was 45 years old. (Yes, he’s 70 years old now. For all his upper body strength, he’s nearly as old as Donald Trump and Joe Biden.) Not to mention he was married. So obviously Eliza was incredibly uncomfortable, as she told VF:

“I thought, Isn’t Mary home? Doesn’t she do this for you?”

Eliza recalled she quickly did it even though it was “totally inappropriate” as she didn’t know what else to do. Again, he was her boss. That’s why this isn’t ever OK, because of the power dynamic. She says there were more creepy incidents, but she was no longer comfortable writing them in her diary, not after seeing him sneak in to read it. But the worst was yet to come…

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After a yoga class, she came home and — still in her sports bra and leggings — went into the walk-in pantry to get a snack. Her back was to the door, so she didn’t see RFK come in behind her. She says he trapped her in the room with his body and then groped her, rubbing her hips, her rib cage, up to her breasts. She recalled:

“He came up behind me… I was frozen. Shocked.”

She says she was saved when another houseworker walked in, interrupting RFK by saying something like:

“Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your wife to know about.”

Shortly after she left the job. She notably wrote in her diary at the time a list of things “to leave behind in 1999,” and at the top was “bad men.”

‘Not A Church Boy’

RFK was asked about the article just hours later in an interview on something called Breaking Points. His answer is an all-timer example of how not to respond to sexual assault allegations. He told the interviewer:

“Listen, I said this from the beginning. I’m not a church boy, I am not running like that.”

WHAT?! Is he saying sexual assault is just RFK being RFK? What the actual eff kay??? He continued:

“I had a very, very rambunctious youth. I said in my announcement speech I have so many skeletons in my closet that if they could all vote, I could run for king of the world.”


It sounds like he’s saying he warned us terrible allegations were going to come up about him, and he’s just that kind of guy who did some shady stuff! WTF?? He went on to blast Vanity Fair for “recycling 30-year-old stories” and said he was “not gonna comment on the details of any of them.” When he was asked once more to respond specifically to the sexual assault accusation, he refused.

Now, before you watch this cued up answer for yourselves, you should ask yourself if you’ve ever actually heard this man speak. His voice is… jarring for those who aren’t ready. Not exactly what you’d expect from someone running for president. Just sayin’. OK, here it is…

The Dog Thing

This one is tough to write. Legitimately.

So according to Vanity Fair, last year RFK was texting a friend who was about to travel to Asia. He suggested they try barbecued dog while there, sending a photo in which he holds an entire barbecued carcass. He and an unidentified woman both mime eating from it. The implication is clearly that this is a cooked dog. It does seem like he’s joking — but is he really holding up a dog, pretending to eat it? Or just pretending it’s a dog at all?

The photo, VF says, is from 2010 based on metadata. Some folks are sure the carcass in the pic is an actual dog, even if the future Presidential candidate is only pretending to bite into it.

This accusation he did respond to! He confirmed to multiple outlets the photo is real but assures everyone this was a goat, and not a dog. He told Breaking Points:

“The picture that they said is of me eating a dog, it’s actually me eating a goat in Patagonia on a whitewater trip many years ago on the Futaleufu River. They say… they have an expert that has identified that as a dog carcass. It’s just not true.”

Here’s a similar response to his pals at Fox News. Again, brace yourself for the voice…

After hearing this, the friend maintained to VF:

“[RFK] sent me the picture with a recommendation to visit the best dog restaurant in Seoul, so he was certainly representing that this was a dog and not a goat. In any case, it’s grotesque.”

So it was either an actual dog carcass or a goat carcass, and he was just making a joke about Asians eating dogs. Goats and dogs, man… This guy should be running on a ticket with Kristi Noem!

Also, regarding the dog explanation…

We just have to say, the fact this man is more than willing to respond with a very specific denial to one story and not the other is really telling. Did you eat dog? No, it was a roasted goat, here’s where I ate it, full explanation. Did you sexually assault a 23-year-old babysitter working for you and your wife? No comment, that story is 30 years old. See what we mean? Not exactly balanced.

Brain Fog

It’s worth noting that 2010, when the dog/goat photo was taken, is the same year he contracted the brain worm, which he said in court he assumed he got from food he ate in South Asia. He also said in court the brain worm caused damage that lead to “brain fog.” Many thought that was just something he said in court to get out of paying his ex-wife child support. Apparently that was a really messy divorce that went to court, and he was explaining in his testimony the “brain fog” was the reason he couldn’t work and was having financial problems. So he couldn’t pay what she was asking. Hmm.

So this guy has self-described “brain fog” that keeps him from working? Is that really someone we want to be our president? Is he contending now the brain damage got better? Like Prince Andrew and his healed up sweat glands?

BTW, one of his family members has a different explanation for the brain fog. That Kennedy, per Vanity Fair, has been pushing the idea RFK’s 15 years as a heroin addict might have addled his brain. Apparently the National Institutes of Health reported long-term heroin abuse is capable of “creating long-term imbalances in neuronal and hormonal systems that are not easily reversed” and “which may affect decision-making abilities, the ability to regulate behavior, and responses to stressful situations.”

So what we’re left with is a guy saying he has brain fog who ALSO has an extremely disturbing response to what seems on its face to be a credible sexual assault allegations… It’s like some of the worst traits of Biden and Trump rolled into one, isn’t it? Our third party contender, ladies and gentlemen! Election 2024!

[Image via Breaking Points/YouTube.]

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