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20-Year-Old Woman Killed By Eating 'Vegan' Tiramisu?! Manslaughter Investigation Opened

20-Year-Old Woman Killed By Eating 'Vegan' Tiramisu?! Manslaughter Investigation Opened

A woman is dead after eating tiramisu… And investigators are looking for who’s responsible.

Last January, 20-year-old Anna Bellisario and her boyfriend stopped by a restaurant in Milan for a bit of grub. Because of her severe dairy allergy, she ordered all vegan options… A vegan sandwich, and for dessert, a bit of vegan tiramisu. Or at least, what she believed to be vegan…

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According to Italian outlet Corriere Della Sera, before eating the sweet treat, the young woman sought reassurance her dessert truly was vegan — as it’s typically made with a fair amount of dairy. She apparently received the confirmation she was looking for, and got to eating. But just two bites in, she knew something was horribly wrong and fled to the bathroom to try to purge the food out of her system, before taking the medication she reportedly always had on her in case of anaphylactic shock. She then fainted and was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. Tragically, she was declared dead just days later at the San Raffaele medical center.

The Italian outlet said the two women who run the pastry shop are now under investigation for manslaughter. Investigators reportedly found that Anna’s order was mixed up with one that DID contain mascarpone cheese as an ingredient — beyond what could be considered a contaminant. They’ve since dubbed the Italian dessert “fatal for the victim,” and the tiramisu has been withdrawn from sale following the tragedy.

How completely awful.

Shockingly, the sandwich Anna ate was also less than vegan, reportedly containing traces of egg in the mayonnaise.

What a horrible situation. You never know when it comes to restaurants… stay safe out there, folks with allergies!!!

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[Image via Anna Bellisario/Facebook]

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Jan 17, 2024 15:38pm PDT

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