Anna Nicole Smith’s Mother Says She Tried To Warn Her Daughter Of Danger Before Her Untimely Death

Anna Nicole Smith's mother speaks of her death.

It’s hard to believe it’s been exactly ten years since Anna Nicole Smith‘s untimely death.

Now, her mother Virgie Arthur has spoken out about how she tried to warn her daughter, whom she still calls by her birth name Vickie Lynn, that she was in danger.

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Speaking with the Daily, she said:

“I told Vickie Lynn, ‘Something has happened to Danny and you should be very careful about yourself.'”

She also addressed the very tragic death of grandson Daniel Wayne Smith, who was only 20 when he passed, saying:

“It doesn’t seem right that a 20-year-old would die. Danny did not do drugs but they found enough drugs in him to kill ten people. So how does that happen? If he had done drugs, you would see that on TV, it would be some news especially about her child. But you never saw that.”

Daniel died from a drug overdose in 2006, and less than five months later in February 2007 his mother met a similar fate by overdosing on prescription pills.

Virgie admitted she still feels the pain of both deaths even after all this time:

“I’ll be crying all day. I cry on Danny’s death day and I cry on Vickie’s death day. It is very hard and it brings up such terrible, terrible memories of her death and what happened to her.”

The 65-year-old also remembered her daughter as she was during her youth, saying:

“She was very young, very beautiful and very funny when she was Vickie Lynn. People won’t know her as Vickie Lynn like we do. Her family knows her because they were raised with her. Other people don’t, they just know her as Anna Nicole. Vickie Lynn was a great kid and now she’s gone.”

She added:

“People say that you get over it but you never get over it. You never forget and you never get over it. God just makes a way for you to accept it. I was totally devastated. My little Danny. Totally devastated.”

Our heart breaks for her! We hope she can find some peace as more time passes.

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Feb 8, 2017 5:02pm PDT

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