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Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Larry Birkhead SLAMS ‘Cesspool’ Netflix Documentary, Claims Filmmakers ‘Rewrite History’

Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex Larry Birkhead SLAMS ‘Cesspool’ Netflix Documentary, Claims Filmmakers ‘Rewrite History’

Larry Birkhead has some choice words for the new Anna Nicole Smith documentary.

The American photographer, who welcomed daughter Dannielynn with the model in 2006 — one year before she tragically died in 2007 at age 39 — does not approve of Netflix’s new doc, Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me. In fact, he even declined to participate in its production to any degree, despite playing such a large role in her life.

He explained in a statement to Entertainment Tonight Tuesday on behalf of himself AND 16-year-old Dannielynn:

“We declined to participate as I did not want my daughter in an overwhelmingly poorly reviewed cesspool of a project about her Mother, where some people were allowed to invent things and rewrite history.”

Damn! “Cesspool” is a strong word to use here… And the part about the filmmakers being “allowed to invent things and rewrite history” doesn’t sound good at all. What is he talking about?

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Well, Larry doesn’t get into any specifics, but the film is full of bombshell claims. For instance a woman named Melissa “Missy” Byrum claims she and Anna Nicole were in a lesbian relationship in 1992, saying the two were a couple raising Anna Nicole’s son Daniel together:

“We became lovers, you know? And I mean real sober lovers — it was a conscious thing. She said that she loved me… We’d now been through some bad relationships, both of us, with men. We decided that we just didn’t need men. We were gonna raise Daniel together.”

She added:

“She wanted me to have a baby with her. But I always knew it wasn’t ever going to work out because she was never, ever going to settle down with one person.”

Is that one of the claims Larry believes is totally made up? It’s unclear. But he did add that he would be willing to do a real doc about Anna Nicole:

“I am looking forward to a true definitive Anna Nicole project where her truth can be heard from her own perspective and by those that truly knew her the best and not just another ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ Anna Nicole project. Anna truly deserved better and that day will come.”

Wow. That statement just goes to show how far off this new doc must be, at least in Larry’s opinion, since he is open to telling her story — but just wants to do it authentically. However, Netflix begs to differ on their picture’s integrity, as they describe it as a “humanizing examination of the life, death and secrets of Vickie Lynn Hogan — better known as model and actress Anna Nicole Smith. From her first appearance in Playboy in 1992, Anna Nicole’s dizzying ascent was the very essence of the American dream, brought to a tragic halt with her untimely passing in 2007.”

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The film, which is directed by Ursula MacFarlane, is available to stream now. Will YOU be tuning in?

Let us know what you think about Larry’s statement in the comments down below.

[Images via ABC/YouTube & Emily Grant/WENN]

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