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Anne Hathaway Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage In 2015 -- And Her Role At The Time Made It Worse!

Anne Hathaway Suffered Miscarriage While Pretending To Give Birth Onstage -- And Had To Pretend 'Everything Was Fine'

Anne Hathaway has opened up before about fertility struggles, but it was worse than anyone knew.

Back in 2019, you may remember the 41-year-old actress announcing her second bun was in the oven on Instagram. At the time, she wrote a caption sending “extra love” to those struggling with infertility. See the post (below):

Her candid admission that neither of her pregnancies were “a straight line” was from her experiences with her own infertility. And in her Vanity Fair cover story that dropped on Monday she explained exactly what happened.

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In the issue, the Princess Diaries star said her Instagram announcement would’ve felt “disingenuous” if she wasn’t more upfront:

“Given the pain I felt while trying to get pregnant, it would’ve felt disingenuous to post something all the way happy when I know the story is much more nuanced than that for everyone.”

Why was it more nuanced? She revealed that back in 2015, she had her first miscarriage. It was in the middle of the run of a six-week run of her one woman off-Broadway show Grounded. Because of what was already in the play, the experience was especially torturous for her:

“The first time it didn’t work out for me. I was doing a play and I had to give birth onstage every night.”

Oh no.

When friends would come see her backstage after the performances, she would tell them the truth. But for most of the world, she had to keep on that brave face:

“It was too much to keep it in when I was onstage pretending everything was fine. I had to keep it real otherwise.”

After suffering through that, she realized she had to be conscientious in her IG post even though she was happy:

“So when it did go well for me, having been on the other side of it — where you have to have the grace to be happy for someone — I wanted to let my sisters know, ‘You don’t have to always be graceful. I see you and I’ve been you.’ It’s really hard to want something so much and to wonder if you’re doing something wrong.”

OMG. So, so, so sad. We love how she wasn’t just thinking of herself and her own blessings. And even by talking about her miscarriage now she’s helping those out there struggling!

Now the Les Misérables star shares two kids with her hubby Adam Schulman: Jack, 4, and Jonathan, 8. Sending the whole fam SO much love and light!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/MEGA/WENN]

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