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WTF Happens AFTER 'Avengers Endgame'?!

Avengers Endgame Marvel Movies TV Shows After

OK, so like hundreds of thousands of other fans, you’ve now seen Avengers Endgame. And like most of those fans you’re wondering what could possibly come after!
We mean, Marvel Studios promised this would be an ending to what they started in 2008’s Iron Man, and it was indeed — but it’s also not the end of the cinematic universe.
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So what’s coming next??
What even COULD come after that ending???
Here’s a rundown of all the Marvel projects coming next — what we know, what we’ve heard, what’s still possible, everything!
[Spoilers Ahead!]

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The next film in the MCU, officially the final word in Phase Three, is going to serve as a kind of epilogue to the climax that was Endgame.
After the events of Infinity War, in which Thanos snapped his fingers and obliterated Peter Parker from existence, there was speculation Spider-Man: Far From Home would, like Ant-Man and the Wasp, be a prequel, possibly even ending with Peter coming home from his field trip on that bus where we find him at the start of the film.
Infinity War Avengers GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
But now we know Peter (Tom Holland) is back, as are Ned (Jacob Batalon) and MJ (Zendaya), whom we’ve all seen in the trailer. Apparently they got snapped out of existence, too — since if they hadn’t they wouldn’t even go to the same school anymore!
See, while the snapped students were gone for five whole years half their classmates aged that time and moved on to college — talk about being left behind!
Something tells us this will only strengthen the bonds between the friends.
In any case the sequel, coming July 5, will have to deal with that fallout, as well as obviously Peter mourning his mentor, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who sacrificed his life to save the universe. Man, first Uncle Ben, now this.

Black Widow

On the other end of the spectrum, we now know this highly anticipated solo film HAS TO BE a prequel.
Sadly Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was the other Avenger who gave her life for the mission, beating out Hawkeye in a poignant fight to be the sacrifice that paid for the Soul Stone.
That means her film, which has already wrangled some onscreen talent (Rachel WeiszFlorence PughDavid Harbour) will likely be a pre-Avengers spy story.
Of course, they’re likely going to add something a little superheroic if they’re going to top those wild Mission: Impossible flicks…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

This may be the most surprising twist for future movies to come out of Endgame.
After the defeat of Thanos and return of the snapped souls, the troubled Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is finally free of his guilt and ready to move on.
To space.
Yep, at the end of the film, Thor is riding off with Chris Pratt and company, even calling the group the Asgardians of the Galaxy (which is a real Marvel comic book right now, btw).
Thor Ragnarok GIF by Marvel Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY
Will he actually join the group for the next film? That kind of team up could be a shot in the arm for BOTH franchises and a guaranteed billion dollar box office.
From what we understand returning director James Gunn is still working from his same script, but he’s also an exec producer on Endgame, so it’s possible he was in on the whole Thor addition in the first place and wrote it in.
On the other hand, the Guardians have a lot to deal with even without a thunder god on board.
After all, while their Gamora (Zoe Saldana) was murdered by Thanos, the Gamora from 2014, before she even knew them, was rescued from the past and let loose in the future.
What will she do? Will Peter Quill have to win her over all over again?
So many questions to be answered in the final film of the trilogy…

Black Panther 2

We knew this was coming. Black Panther was the biggest movie ever, of course it was going to get a sequel!
Now we’ve just been given confirmation, yes it will be T’Challa returning as the superhero/king. Whew.
Black Panther Marvel GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Eternals

Among announced properties, this is the biggest question mark.
The Eternals are a group of super-powered immortal beings who live among and look like humans — but who are tasked with fighting a secret war against their opposite numbers, the Deviants.
The comics never really took off into big hits, so this seems like a real wild swing for Marvel.
But hey, so was Guardians, and look how that turned out.
There have already been some casting developments for the mysterious movie which have us intrigued
Two of the film’s ensemble are rumored to be Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani.
There is also reportedly a search for an “openly gay” Asian actor for a third — who would be the MCU’s first openly gay lead.


One big change coming to the MCU is, it will no longer strictly speaking be the cinematic universe.
Now finally Marvel Studios will make TV shows which are not only spun off from the main films but also affect them in turn.
So far four miniseries have been announced for the streaming platform, which debuts in late 2019…


When we heard Tom Hiddleston would be returning to the role that turned him into a star yet again — even after his death in Infinity War — we assumed it would be some sort of Untold Stories of the God of Mischief type deal.
Then Endgame happened.
In their time heist, the Avengers’ second biggest screwup was when they returned to the moment the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie ended and tried to steal the Space Stone, aka the Tesseract.
Not only did they not get it, they ended up accidentally letting Loki — who was being held prisoner at the time — grab it and vanish!
And he escaped to… actually we have no idea. Does this huge change in his timeline allow him to escape not just his incarceration but his fate as well? That’s a really good question. One we could use an entire show to answer…


The tragic couple are getting a second chance. Um, somehow?
We actually don’t know how this one goes down. Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) was brought back from oblivion, but Vision (Paul Bettany)? Half of his head was ripped off. There was no coming back from that.
Unless maybe… Shuri was able to download enough of Vision’s memory banks to reprogram him? He is an android after all. Now that the smartest person on the planet is back, she could possibly maybe fix him.
Infinity War Look GIF by - Find & Share on GIPHY


Once again, defying all odds, the Avenger who just shoots a bow really well survived.
We’ve heard this limited series will focus on Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) training his replacement, who in the comics is a girl named Kate Bishop.
In Endgame, Clint is shown beginning to train his daughter to shoot, perhaps indicating she will be the next Hawkeye instead?

Falcon & Bucky

Many expected this show to be about Cap’s surviving friends figuring out who should take on the mantle of Captain America now that he was gone.
But with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) handing the shield off to Sam (Anthony Mackie), with Bucky (Sebastian Stan) nodding his approval, it now seems Falcon will step up.
So this buddy show will probably be all about Sam learning how to be Cap — before potentially getting his own big darn Captain America movie!
Captain America Avengers GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Nothing has been announced yet, but we KNOW this is coming. Disney buying Fox means Marvel Studios finally has access to some of their biggest characters.
So what’s next?


Fans of the filthy, fourth wall-breaking franchise were worried Disney was too worried about being family friendly to keep making Deadpool movies.
But they forget Disney is a business first, and keeping popular movies going is just good business. (Also, Disney owned Miramax for 12 years, including when Pulp Fiction and Chasing Amy came out so we think they can handle some F-bombs.)
CEO Bob Iger has now said on the record Disney will be happy to keep making R-rated Deadpool movies with Ryan Reynolds.
The question is, will he get to meet any of the other Marvel stars…?


Some fans think starting this franchise over with a brand new cast is impossible.
But after what they pulled off with a new Spider-Man? Don’t bet against them!
Also remember the first X-Men films were made in the early days of superhero movies, when everyone was too cool for costumes and weirdly into leather instead.
Though we’ll be sad to see several of the cast members go, we’re excited to see a fresh new take on Marvel’s mutants.

Fantastic Four

Believe it. This is happening.
One of the most expected brands to get another shot in the MCU is the one some moviegoers think is unfilmable. After all, they’ve been done in three incarnations, all of which were debacles in their own way.
But just give President Kevin Feige, who actually worked as a junior producer on the 2005 version, a chance.
Given the right director and the right script, which needs to view the Fantastic Four not as fighters but as a family of explorers?
Marvel’s First Family could finally hit the big screen right.
Which post-Endgame project are YOU most looking forward to??
[Image via Marvel/YouTube.]

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