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Our favorite Canadian, April Lavigne, wants to speak to her fans from the heart.

The singer and “songwriter” just posted the following on her official blog.

She says:

“Hey Guys,

I am at home right now taking it easy. I have been sick this whole tour, and now I have lost my voice. I have never canceled a show in my whole career and just had to for the first time ever. This sux!

I am so sorry! I have been on the road for 60 days straight. I have had the flu 3 times and I never get sick, it just keeps going around. I think I am just run down. I just played 4 shows in a row in Texas (which is a lot for the vocals) and woke up in Vegas Tuesday with no voice. I thought I was gonna have to cancel that show, but I made it through…..barely! I still went on stage in Vegas and gave it my all, but unfortunately its interfering with my throat now. I had to eliminate songs.

I woke up yesterday and knew I wouldn’t be able to sing last night. My voice is so shot. We drove home yesterday and I went to my throat doctor. He stuck a camera down my throat….ewwww, I gagged!!! It was kinda funny though…..he said I have “Acute Laryngitis”.

So, um, yeah, that sux. I was supposed to play a show in San Diego yesterday and was supposed to perform on Jay Leno tomorrow and go live with Ryan Seacrest in the today, but I had to cancel that too. I’m at home resting my voice for 2 days and hope to be back out soon. Thank you for understanding. And once again, I sincerely apologize.


Uh huh!

Excuses. Excuses.

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May 01, 2008 19:16pm PDT