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Batman V Superman Deleted Scene Clears Up Something Totally Confusing! We Hope...

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Those who sat through all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice know the film was peppered with clues about the future of DC’s cinematic universe.
But there was one scene cut out of the theatrical 2.5 hour run time that seems to tease a big-time villain!
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Ch-ch-check out the strange scene (below) with our breakdown!
[WARNING: Contains Major SPOILERS]

The end of the film finds Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor in a prison cell, talking to Batman about someone coming because he rang the dinner bell.
Who’s he talking about?
Well, based on this scene it seems even more likely he’s referring to classic Superman villain Darkseid.
The planetary dictator — whose Omega symbol and Parademon shock troops can be seen in Batman’s dream sequence — may indeed be the villain in the upcoming Justice League movie.
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But how would Lex know about that? Well, because in the clip he’s given a glimpse by the Kryptonian database of something greatly resembling Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s generals — holding machines called Mother Boxes, a kind of a high tech computer on the planet Apokolips.
Does that clear anything up? Does it make anything make more sense?? OK, maybe not…
We just can’t believe they left anything out of this movie! The director’s cut is going to be 18 hours long! LOLz!
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Mar 28, 2016 16:41pm PDT

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