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Warner Bros. Firing Ezra Miller? Actor Reportedly Had 'Frequent Meltdowns' On Flash Set Before Arrest!

Ezra Miller as The Flash

Warner Bros. executives are apparently working at light speed to decide Ezra Miller’s fate following the actor’s recent antics.

As we reported, The Flash star (who uses they/them pronouns) was recently arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment after allegedly becoming agitated when patrons at a Hawaii bar started singing karaoke.

Following the incident, WB and DC Comics suits reportedly held an emergency impromptu meeting to discuss Miller’s future with the studio — and according to a Rolling Stone source, the consensus in the room was to press pause on any future projects involving the actor, including possible appearances in the DC Extended Universe or the Harry Potter spinoff franchise Fantastic Beasts!

As some may know, Ezra’s Hawaiian episode wasn’t even close to the start of their troublesome behavior. But it appears the star ran into problems at work that we never even knew about, as a well placed insider told the outlet the 29-year-old had “frequent meltdowns” during production last year on The Flash.

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While the source insists there was no yelling or violent outbursts, they described Ezra as “losing it,” spilling:

“Ezra would get a thought in [their] head and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’”


According to the police report from the Hawaii incident, Miller shouted obscenities and grabbed the microphone from a 23-year-old woman as she was singing karaoke and allegedly lunged at a 32-year-old man playing darts. The movie star was arrested and charged on both counts and was released on $500 bail.

Worse still, a local couple filed a temporary restraining order against the Fantastic Beasts star on March 29, claiming that after Miller’s arrest, the actor burst into their bedroom and threatened them, with Miller saying to the man:

“I will bury you and and your slut wife.”

The docs also allege that Ezra stole the woman’s passport and the man’s wallet, which included a social security card, driver’s license, and bank cards. A judge granted a temporary restraining order the next day, and is expected to make a decision on whether or not to extend the order by the end of the month.

In April 2020, footage of the actor apparently choking a woman at an Iceland bar circulated on social media; the Justice League star was kicked out of the venue, but no arrests were made. Insiders say the Iceland incident gave WB pause at the time, but Miller’s actions apparently weren’t bad enough to get them kicked off Secrets of Dumbledore like castmate Johnny Depp, who got the golden ax because of his domestic drama with ex Amber Heard.

The studio has more than a year before it has to make any hard decisions about a potential sequel to The Flash, and the first installment of the stand-alone series was moved from November 4, 2022 to June 23, 2023. So it sounds like WB is hoping Ezra will cool their jets in the meantime.

If the studio does decide to do away with Miller, we’re sure Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW, would be more than happy to step in.

Either way, we hope Ezra gets the help they need, because behavior like this simply cannot continue.


[Image via The CW/Hawaii Island Police]

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