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Blac Chyna Is CLEARLY Hoping To Repair Relationship With Kim Kardashian Too!

Based On This Comment, Blac Chyna Is CLEARLY Hoping To Repair Relationship With Kim Kardashian Too!

Blac Chyna continues to try to mend fences, re-build burned-out bridges, and repair fractured relationships. But will this one in particular really work?!

Of course, we’ve been documenting the fascinating case of Angela White. The star more popularly known as Blac Chyna has reignited her faith, removed her facial fillers, dug out her implants, dropped her OnlyFans account, and set herself on a path to live a more righteous and healthy life. And we applaud her for it!

But she’s also done some interesting things along the way. Like our Monday night report which detailed her comments about how there supposedly was never “anything negative” between her and exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga. WTF?! Chyna! Come on!

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And here’s one more strange reconciliation moment. Late last week, the 34-year-old reality TV star popped up the podcast Why The Game Chose Me. Set in a strip club, the podcast and its hosts queried Chyna on her life working full-time as a stripper, and what it was like to transition from that to a much more high-profile entertainment career.

But the vibes were off right off the jump, because the Rob & Chyna alum came to the interview wearing a Dolce & Gabbana branded shirt with Kim Kardashian‘s face on it! Yes, a black-and-white image of her ex Rob’s older sister. You know, the most famous one of the famed KarJenner women who beat Chyna in court last year!!!

The hosts asked the maven momma about the shirt, and Chyna first responded:

“Oh, this shirt? I love Dolce & Gabbana, whoever is doing their designs, that’s, like, my [style].”

Then, she added:

“But I wore this shirt today because I wanted to support Kim. She did a collaboration with Dolce, and I respect it.”


Before trailing off, Chyna also mentioned her own 6-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian, and that adorable little girl’s familial connection to the SKIMS mogul:

“And that’s Dream’s auntie, so… It’s cool. I think it’s cool! One day I want to do [a Dolce & Gabbana shoot].”


Again, this is the same KarJenner kween who Chyna took to court years ago in that $100 million defamation lawsuit. In May of last year, that courtroom battle came to an unfortunate end for Angela when a civil court jury decided Dream’s momma deserved no financial damages whatsoever from Kris Jenner and the famous fam.

Then, Chyna allegedly had that ugly physical incident with her (former?) friend. And then, she got herself baptized. And now, here we are.

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BTW, if you’re curious, you can watch the rest of the Why The Game Chose Me interview in the embed (below). Chyna talks about coming up as a stripper alongside her mom Tokyo Toni, and what that lifestyle is really like:

Well that was certainly interesting…

It’s the Kim shirt for us, tho, y’all. Something tells us Chyna is not going to be getting back on Kim’s good side anytime soon. Or, like, ever. Again, we LOVE that she is bettering herself with all these recent changes. Good for her! But with the aforementioned Rob stuff from Monday, and now the Kim comment… Girl, you might have to just take the L on this one and let that s**t stay dead and buried! Ya know??

[Image via Vogue/YouTube/Why The Game Chose Me/YouTube]

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