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britney-in-studio-city.jpg readers Ashley, Shelby, and Kareen spotted none other than the mess that is Britney Spears – sucking too hard on her lollipop – making a very special purchase at the drug store on Friday.

This is their account of their few minutes with our favorite trainwreck.

“We live in sherman oaks and britney was at the longs drugs on the corner of laurel canyon and ventura last night by pinkberry. We were doing some shopping and I look up and see flashes of light everywhere. When we looked over we see someone in a hat and some other girl with brown hair yelling “Stop it guys, not here!”

As soon as we saw the girl with the brown hair we soon realized that it was that dumb bitch ali simms. The mystery girl in the hat was britney spears and when we went to walk down another eisle about 30 more paparazzi chasing her. we were litterally 20 feet away from her and you wanna know what she buying ? CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the heck goes to a drug store to buy all those candles ??

THE WHOLE TIME BRITNEY WAS LAUGHING AND GIGGLY SUCKING ON A DAMN LOLIPOP!!!!!!!! For someone who is so “tortured” by the paparazzi, she sure seems to love the attention. I think shes tipping these guys off her self for some more attention. She looked cracked outta her mind (as usual) plus tater tot and small fry were not with her (as usual).

Anyway, we thought you would get a kick. Here is the picture I snapped on my phone.”

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Aug 11, 2007 14:22pm PDT

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