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Did Britney Spears Hint At Justin Timberlake Abortion In Everytime Music Video?!

Britney Spears just opened up about having an abortion after getting pregnant with Justin Timberlake, but fans think she referenced this tough time way back in 2009!

On Tuesday, an excerpt of her memoir The Woman In Me revealed the singer got pregnant in 2000 while dating the *NSYNC star, who supposedly “didn’t want to be a father” and thought they were “too young” to have a baby. After much convincing, they both agreed she’d have an abortion, though she admits if it was solely up to her, she “never would have done it.” Big oof.

This life-changing decision is said to have haunted her for years… and now it seems like she channeled some of this pain into her art. After this news broke, fans took a look at her Everytime music video, which has long been speculated to be about the exes’ rocky romance.

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It follows Brit stuck in a toxic relationship while navigating the challenges of fame. At one point towards the end, she finds herself walking through a hospital where she sees one woman flatlining and another giving birth. Sharing this scene on X (Twitter), one fan reflected:

“The HORRIBLE news about Britney’s abortion bc of Justin Timberlake just took Everytime music video to a whole new view. She deserved better.”

Others chimed in, adding:

“The baby in the Everytime music video was the baby Britney felt forced to abort. My heart.”

“And now the ending of the Everytime music video has more context.. oh Britney

“There were rumors years ago that Everytime is about that baby, which is also why there’s a baby in the video portraying ‘rebirth'”

“It also explains why the song sounds like a lullaby”

Wow. Another fan noted it gives the lyrics “I guess I need you, baby” a totally different meaning, too. Wow!

It’s honestly such a powerful and emotional way to hint at the difficult decision — if true, obvi. Take a look (below):


Do U think this was inspired by her real life experience? Let us know (below)…

[Image via FayesVision/WENN & Britney Spears/YouTube]

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