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Britney Spears Opens Up About Modern Bullying -- And Says She's Been Teaching?!?

Britney Spears Talks Modern Bullying -- And Says She's Been Teaching?? -- In Poignant Post

Britney Spears is not here for bullying. In any form!

The 42-year-old pop sensation took to Instagram on Thursday to recall a “mean girl bullying” incident she observed while teaching (??!) a dance class to a group of young girls. If you’re as perplexed as we are by that remark, Brit did pop in and teach a dance class back in 2016. Maybe that’s what she’s talking about? Or she loved it so much she’s been doing it again lately? If so, we love that for her!

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Anyway, Britney got super candid about how much she could relate to the child getting bullied by her classmates — because she’d experienced it throughout her time in the spotlight. Alongside a blank white image, she wrote in the lengthy caption:

“I was teaching a class the other day and it’s really interesting to see the support of other girls when they are communicating !!! Bullying these days isn’t so exposed or aggressive with girls, it’s extremely manipulative and just damn right mean !!! In the class I was teaching, these two girls were side by side but one wasn’t so confident, and she was confused by the constant SUPPORT the other girl was giving !!! The girl said ‘don’t worry you’re not the biggest one out here dancing’ and right as she said that, I could see the little girl’s mind go ‘I never thought that to begin with why did she just say that’ !!!”

Ugh! People can be so cruel sometimes…

Britney called the moment an example of “mean girl bullying,” which she says is “when another girl says something out of support or something and you literally want to bitch slap them.” Ha! Yeah, we think we know a little something about that technique…

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Of course, the Toxic singer recognized that’s not the way to solve a problem like this. But she went on to explain she was so hurt and upset for the little girl getting bullied as she saw her “spirit get sad,” and it sparked a “protective” instinct inside her. So Britney made sure to show the young girl how “awesome” she was at dance at that moment:

“So I put my phone up to the mirror and shot them dancing !!! I specifically brought it over to the little one who had been downplayed by the other girls and I made sure they saw how f**king awesome she was !!! It made me so damn happy to see her confidence get better”

Looking back, what really made the Crossroads actress connect with the girl was the fact “she reminded me a lot of” herself. She said:

“It’s not nice to be downplayed !!! I actually had a situation identical just two months ago with someone I don’t know that well and it hit me later because I was like … oh I’m so relatable I will just sit here and listen to this person’s bulls**t I don’t even know !!! And I did just that until I taught my class and was like … I know I’m a girl who used to be famous way back then and I know I make mistakes !!!”

Wait, what?! “Used to be famous”??? Britney, girl, you’re still one of the most famous people in the world! That was a very interesting and cryptic aside about her celebrity status!!

While the Circus artist did not reveal more details on her bullying incident from two months ago, she did conclude her message by pointing out she creates content for Instagram “out of protection”:

“I do Instagram out of protection honestly and I like wearing pretty dresses and getting my hair fixed !!! I’m not sure why I’m explaining myself … I guess I wish I could have been a mean girl back when she was giving me her advice and put my Instagram in her face and make things awkward !!!”

Oof. Check out her poignant post (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN]

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