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Britney Spears Admits She Was 'S**t-Faced' & Absolutely 'NOT IN LOVE' During Vegas Wedding!

Britney Spears Vegas 55-Hour Wedding Jason Alexander Details Book

One of Britney Spears‘ most controversial moments — one of THE big celeb news moments of the 2000s — was her 55-hour marriage. So of course she talks about it in her memoir!

According to Time, who got a copy of The Woman In Me before its release next week, Britney told her side of her 2004 Las Vegas wedding — and it doesn’t quite match up with ex Jason Alexander‘s!

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His version of events, recounted on the Toxic: The Britney Spears Story podcast in 2021, sounded like the love of high school sweethearts being thwarted by her cruel team. In her memory? She was drunk and bored as hell! She writes:

“He and I got s**tfaced. I don’t even remember that night at all, but from what I’ve pieced together, he and I lounged around the hotel room and stayed up late watching movies — Mona Lisa Smile and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — then had the brilliant idea of going to A Little White Chapel at three thirty in the morning.”

Sorry, we’re getting whiplash from that double feature. Mona Lisa Smile followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?! Ah, the days before streaming when you were stuck with whatever was playing on cable, we guess! They really were bored! LOLz!

The wedding ceremony — and quickie annulment — is all a matter of record. What only Brit could say is how she was really feeling about it all. And she makes as clear as possible she was “not in love” with Jason:

“People have asked me if I loved him. To be clear: he and I were not in love. I was just honestly very drunk — and probably, in a more general sense at that time in my life, very bored.”

Wow. She was just bored. That’s gotta hurt.

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Like we mentioned, Jason told it differently. He claimed Britney wanted him to be her husband and come on tour with her. He also said he was tricked into signing the annulment papers — that he thought they would still date after that:

“They told me if I would sign the contracts — the annulment — they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same way in six months they would give us a proper marriage.”

What relationship?? It sounds like Brit was just messing around! She wrote that even amid her family’s explosion at the time she didn’t think it was more than a laugh:

“They made way too big a deal out of innocent fun. Everybody has a different perspective on it, but I didn’t take it that seriously. I thought a goof-around Vegas wedding was something people might do as a joke. Then my family came and acted like I’d started World War III. I cried the whole rest of the time I was in Las Vegas.”

It was just a joke to her. So different from what Jason says now…

Obviously this isn’t the first time we’ve realized he had a very different idea of their relationship than she did. The man showed up at her wedding to Sam Asghari last year and had to be forcibly removed!

For Britney there was something serious going on though — she got a sense of how hard her family would fight to keep her from being legally tied to someone else!

“My family was so against the wedding that I started to think maybe I’d accidentally committed a brilliant act. Because I realized: something about me being under their control and not having a stronger connection to someone else had become very, very important to them… Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that, by this point, I was supporting them financially.”

Hmm. They did find a way to keep her in check — but of course that’s a different story…

Are YOU surprised at Britney’s side of the wedding story??

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