Ariana Grande Cancels ANOTHER Appearance Last Minute — Scooter Braun Is ‘Pissed’

Ariana Dips Out... Again!

Scooter Braun Reportedly 'Pissed' As Ariana Grande Cancels ANOTHER Appearance...

Ariana Grande canceled another scheduled personal appearance this past weekend as her difficult breakup news was revealed — and her manager Scooter Braun is NOT happy!

The Sweetener singer had previously called off her performance on Saturday Night Live‘s 44th season opener a couple weeks ago at the very last minute, drawing the ire of her team.

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And this time, on Saturday night, Grande was a no-show due to “personal reasons” at the F**k Cancer Gala in Los Angeles, where she was again supposed to perform.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Braun seemed “annoyed” and “pissed/disappointed” that Grande was absent at the event.

He even spoke to those in attendance at the gala about Grande’s absence, saying (below):

“Someone I’m very close to was supposed to come sing for you today, and because of things that she’s going through, she couldn’t be here today. And while I was frustrated, being the manager, my wife, being who she always is, just looked at me and she goes, ‘She needs this time.’”

That last part is almost certainly true.

At the gala, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah filled in for Grande at the last minute, performing a standup comedy routine for the entertainment portion of the show.

As for the young starlet, she’s obviously had a couple of very tough months recently. We can only hope she has plenty of emotional and physical support around her.

Thinking good thoughts for all!

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Selena Gomez Facing Battle Against Depression ‘For The Rest Of Her Life,’ Per Source

Selena's Battle...

Selena Gomez Facing Depression 'For The Rest Of Her Life,' Per Source

Selena Gomez may be in for the fight of her life from here on.

Fans and followers are now reeling after news of the singer’s mental and physical breakdown this week, but sources close to the singer are quick to note that while things may not yet be under control, Selena’s team is at least confident about her fighting the good fight.


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Family Sources Believe Selena Gomez’s Drinking & Partying Led To Her Emotional Breakdown

Selena's Breakdown

Family Sources Believe Partying, Drinking Led To Star's Emotional Upheaval

To reportedly hear it from Selena Gomez‘s concerned family members, it’s a strong possibility that the star’s partying and drinking habits helped push her to a recent mental and physical breakdown.

According to a new report out on, the singer’s family is worried about what will happen to the singer if she’s not able to stay sober from here on out.  (more…)

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Kanye West’s Friends & Family Are Reportedly Begging Him To ‘Get Back On His Medication’

Kanye, Please!

Rapper Apparently Refusing To 'Get Back On His Medication' After Bizarre White House Visit

It’s been a bizarre few months for Kanye West.

And now, his family is reportedly growing more and more concerned for the rapper’s mental state — without any idea of how to get him to actually accept the help they believe he needs.

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At that infamous meeting Ye had with Donald Trump in the White House on Thursday, the rapper at one point claimed he had been “misdiagnosed” with bipolar disorder, and said that he is now “off medication” he’d previously been using. (more…)

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Selena Gomez Feels ‘Responsible’ For Many People In Her Life Amid Breakdown

Under Pressure

Selena Gomez Feels ‘Responsible’ For Many People Amid Hospitalization

Selena Gomez has been under pressure her whole life — not just in regards to her career, but for those who she feels depend on her.

A day after news broke that the superstar checked into a psychiatric facility to seek mental health treatment following an “emotional breakdown,” an Us Weekly source says she feels a lot of responsibility for the people around her.

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The insider explained: (more…)

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Selena Gomez Reportedly ‘Doing Better Now’ Since Entering Treatment For Emotional Breakdown

'Doing Better Now'

More Details On Selena Gomez' Reported Breakdown

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Selena Gomez during this difficult time.

ICYMI, it was reported that the Wolves singer was hospitalized twice in the past two weeks. Following a low white blood cell count in the aftermath of her 2017 kidney transplant, the latter visit ended in an emotional breakdown.

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A source close to the situation offers an update on how the 26-year-old is reportedly feeling now, and what pushed Selena to finally seek treatment.

The insider tells People(more…)

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Lady GaGa Writes Essay On Suicide As Stars Speak Out On World Mental Health Day

It’s OK To Not Feel OK

Lady GaGa & More Stars Speak Out On World Mental Health Day

Lady GaGa and other stars are opening up about their struggles for World Mental Health Day. 

On Wednesday, the A Star Is Born actress co-penned a powerful op-ed for The Guardian, in which she calls on readers to become part of the “new movement” to fight the most extreme symptom of the world’s mental health emergency: suicide.

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In the essay co-written with World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, GaGa notes the alarming statistic that 800,000 people will take their own lives by the end of this year, writing:  (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Encouraged Kanye West To Delete His Social Media Accounts

Silence Is Key!

Kanye West Realized His Twitter Rants Were ‘Becoming Unhealthy’!

Kanye West realized his relationship with Twitter was toxic.

According to a People source, the I Love It rapper deleted his social media accounts on Friday because his rants were becoming “unhealthy” and affecting his personal life.

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Ye’s social media exit came a week after he revealed he was off his medication in a long, rambling, pro-Donald Trump speech on Saturday Night Live, and then wrote a controversial tweet about the 13th Amendment.

While his tweets tend to display an extreme lack of self-awareness, the father apparently realized he needed to take a break from social media — not for Twitter’s sake, but for his own. The insider explained:

“Kanye got to the point where he realized his rants were becoming unhealthy. This is why he deleted his account… When he gets into these Twitter rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. It’s like an obsession and it actually affects his life. He knows it’s not healthy, so he wants to take things down a notch.”

Good idea!

Video: Pete Davidson Goes OFF On Kanye’s ‘SNL’ Rant

Social media maven Kim Kardashian West also encouraged her husband to sign off his social accounts so he could focus his energy elsewhere, like his music and their three children:

“Kim agreed it was time for him to take a social media break. She just wants him to focus on his family for a bit now. He can also focus better on his music and being creative when he avoids social media.”

It’s safe to say we can all focus better when Kanye avoids social media.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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Kevin Smith Is Down SO MUCH WEIGHT!

Skinny Bob!

Kevin Smith Has Lost SO MUCH WEIGHT!

Kevin Smith‘s weight loss journey continues!

The director already dropped the 50 lbs ordered by his doc after his nearly fatal heart attack scare, but he’s still going!

Photos: Hilaria Baldwin Drops Jaws With Post-Baby Bod

On Monday, Silent Bob revealed loudly and proudly he was below 200 lbs for the first time since he was a teenager!

And man is he looking fantastic!!!

Ch-ch-check out the latest weight update (below):

View this post on Instagram

The scale said 198 today! This is the first time since High School that I’ve weighed under 200 pounds! Never… NEVER imagined I could get here again but a heart attack can be a great motivator. This #wwambassador thanks @ww – whose Points system made it possible to drop the lbs! I also wanna thank my little exercise partner Shecky, my Vegan explorer @harleyquinnsmith, @veggiegrill, #pennjillette, @adam_rifkin, @raycronise and #runyoncanyon! And a big thanks to all you folks who kept me going with your sweet supportive sentiments! Now over the next few months, I’m gonna slowly try to get down to 190! #KevinSmith #ww #weightlosstransformation #WWFamily #wellnessthatworks #WWBros #WWCommunity #ad *People following the Weight Watchers program can expect to lose 1-2lbs per week.

A post shared by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on

Oh, and here’s Jay and Silent Bob doing yoga together!

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Namaste! See @jayandsilentbob Do Yoga! This morning, @jaymewes & I gave sun salutations, sat in chair poses and pretended we were warriors with @blackmarketyoga, our real life Yogi Bayer (the @therealstephenblatt character from @yogahosers). We’re just two guys from #Dogma who are trying to improve their pranayama. It won’t be long before the #jayandsilentbobreboot shoot is upon us, so we two old timers are not only trying to look like leading men again, we’re building core strength for all the running around and stunts we’ve got planned for the dopey duo’s second cinematic outing, nearly 20 years after the first! I just did a pass of the Reboot script in which I removed all the fat jokes (and swapped them with vegan jokes) because this @weightwatchers Ambassador is currently down to 201 pounds! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #yoga #yoganewbie #wwambassador #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers

A post shared by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on

[Image via Kevin Smith/Instagram.]

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