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Britney Spears Shares New Video Of 'Swollen’ Foot -- As It’s Revealed How She REALLY Injured Herself During LA Hotel Incident!

Britney Spears Shares New Video Of 'Swollen’ Foot -- As It’s Revealed How She REALLY Injured Herself During LA Hotel Incident!

More details came to light about the drama with Britney Spears this week.

As you know, the 42-year-old singer was drinking and partying at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, on Wednesday night when police were called because she allegedly was harassing people and causing a disturbance. Cops were unable to confirm those claims once they arrived at the scene, so they left without taking legal action.

However, things escalated once Britney and Paul continued to party in their room. They allegedly got into a loud altercation, and Britney began to scream in the hallway at one point — causing hotel guests and employees to call 911 again. Paramedics came to the hotel early Thursday morning to help an unidentified “injured” female. Britney was spotted with the EMTS outside the hotel. However, she did not leave in the ambulance.

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Britney later gave fans a look at her hurt foot, saying she hurt it “trying to do a leap” in the living room of the hotel. Now we have more details about what actually caused the injury. A source claimed to on Friday that Britney and Paul were heavily drinking at the hotel bar and eventually got cut off. When the couple were refused further service, they went back to their room. The insider said:

“They stormed off and were being really loud and causing a ruckus. One thing was certain – they certainly didn’t need any more alcohol.”

Roughly 30 minutes after leaving the bar, complaints started coming in from other guests about the noise Paul and Britney were making while “arguing” in the hallway outside their room. The pop star was also “doing cartwheels” and suddenly injured her foot. The source claimed:

“Britney and her friend were in the hallway outside their room being loud and arguing. Britney was also doing cartwheels up and down the hallway and then started screaming that she had hurt herself.”

Yikes! And she appears to have hurt her foot badly! Less than 48 hours after the incident, Britney shared a new close-up video of her swollen ankle and foot on Friday. And it doesn’t look good! She even compared her “real foot” to her injured one, showing how it’s double in size with bruises around the ankle, heel, and toes! She said in the clip:

“I guess it’s a little bit bigger today. It’s really swollen. My foot is so big right now. … Oh my God!”

Oh no! Hopefully, Brit Brit got this checked out just in case! Swipe (below) to the second slide to take a look at the video:


And see pictures of the injury (below):

Britney Spears Shares New Video Of 'Really Swollen’ Foot
(c) Britney Spears/Instagram

Well, Britney most likely won’t be doing any dancing, leaping, or cartwheeling for the next couple of weeks! Not with that injured foot! Oof. We hope she’s doing OK following the incident. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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