Mel B’s Ex-Husband Claims She’s Racist — Yikes!

Wild Custody Drama!

Mel B's Ex-Husband Claims She's Racist

Never-ending drama!

In the continued custody war over their daughter Madison, Mel B‘s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte is claiming that the singer has a “distaste” towards African Americans, and that she believes she’s Armenian. Huh?!

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In a series of court documents obtained by The Blast, Stephen makes some pretty wild accusations about his ex:

“I believe Petitioner is simply upset that I hired an African American nanny and that Madison has African American friends when she is with me.”

He continues to claim that Scary Spice berated him for not having a job and for being “lazy like every other black man,” and that he is worried she will “pass her racist agenda off to our daughter.”

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Mel B & Stephen Belafonte Are Now Fighting Over Video Chatting! 


Mel B & Stephen Belafonte Are Now Fighting Over Video Chatting! 

The legal drama continues…

According to court documents obtained by The Blast on Tuesday, Mel B is accusing ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of hindering her ability to video chat with their daughter, Madison, through FaceTime and Gizmo Gadget.

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The former Spice Girl claims the producer is “doing this in an attempt to either alienate Madison from me and get her to believe that I am not thinking or caring about her.”

However, Belafonte believes the America’s Got Talent judge is lying and is really PURPOSELY canceling the video chats to make him look bad.

Both parties want the other sanctioned, though a judge has yet to rule.

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Mel B’s Former Nanny Claims The Singer Paraded Around A ‘Rotation’ Of Strange Men In Front Of Her Kids!

Scary Sex!

Mel B’s Former Manny Claims She Had A ‘Rotation’ Of Strange Men For ‘Five Hour’ Sex Sessions!

Mel B would regularly spice up her life with a rotation of strange men coming and leaving her bedroom in front of her two young children, according to the Spice Girl‘s former nanny.

In an interview with DailyMailTV, Rusty Updegraff revealed how he felt obligated to tell a judge about the singer’s substance abuse problems as he witnessed the emotional impact her behavior was having on her kids.

Video: Mel Claims She Isn’t Seeking Treatment For Sex Addiction

The manny, who cared for Mel’s children for nine months, said in his deposition filed in court last month that the America’s Got Talent judge would leave town for 10 days at a time and not once call her kids — Angel, 11, Madison, 7, and Phoenix, 19 — when she was away.

When she was home, Updegraff claims Mel would invite a parade of “strangers” into her bedroom for “five hour sessions” and didn’t try to hide it from her young children.

Alleging that he acted like a “buffer” between Mel and her daughters so they weren’t exposed to her naughty behavior, the manny explained:

“They want to know why there’s a naked man in Mommy’s room or who was that guy in the kitchen with his shirt off. I tried to answer their questions as best I could.”

Updegraff says that Mel’s sex sessions got so out of control, he started to worry about her kids’ well being:

“There was like three guys in a day and I’m talking five hour sessions with each one because the guy goes, you know, I talked to the guys and they’re like, I can’t go anymore. And then another guy would come in and another guy.”

So, who were these suitors exactly?

“There was the waiter from Soho House, the guy she ran into at the car wash, there was the piano teacher, a guy nicknamed Frenchie, another French guy, then there was the artist guy, and you have to remember they were on rotation too. There were men coming over to her house at all hours, who are virtual strangers, and they are around the children. I am worried she doesn’t know these guys.”

We guess Mel’s whole “if you wannabe my lover” philosophy doesn’t extend to “you gotta get with my kids”…

Updegraff goes on to say this sex marathon prompted him to file a deposition in court that led to a judge ordering Mel to undergo four months of regular drug tests.

The judge has since ordered that the 43-year-old must have a “responsible” adult with her during overnight stays with Madison, the daughter she shares custody with ex husband Stephen Belafonte.

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Mel B Is Set To Prove She’s ‘Stable’ After The Court Finds Her To Be A ‘Habitual, Frequent’ Drug Abuser

Mel B's Custody Battle!

The Spice Girl Is A 'Habitual, Frequent' Drug Abuser, Says Court!

Mel B‘s legal drama continues.

As we reported, the former Spice Girls singer and ex-husband Stephen Belafonte are currently in a custody battle over their 7-year-old daughter, Madison.

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According to court documents obtained by US Weekly, on Tuesday, Judge Mark Juhas found the America’s Got Talent judge to be “a habitual, frequent” drug abuser:

“Based on the evidence presented, the court finds that there is a habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances/alcohol by the petitioner [Mel B].”

On Thursday, her spokesperson Gary Madatyan issued the following statement to US Weekly:

“Melanie is willing to do whatever it takes to provide proof to the court that she is a stable person… She was ordered to take one test a week, but Melanie wanted to do more, and offered to do it twice a week. Melanie will be drug tested twice a week…  It’s Melanie’s hope that through this process, she and Stephen [Belafonte] will be able to co-parent Madison without intrusions from outsiders.”

Mel previously denied abusing drugs and alcohol during a court filing on August 31.

The 43-year-old starlet is currently seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress order.

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Mel B Ordered To Complete Random Drug Testing As Her Custody Battles Continue — DETAILS

Custody Battle
Wages On

Mel B Ordered To Complete Random Drug Testing & More

We have the latest development in the custody battle between Mel B and ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

As you know, the former couple have been duking it out in court over their divorce, claims of abuse, and determining custody rights over their daughter Madison.

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Now, a source tells E! that on Tuesday a judge ordered the Spice Girls star, who has already publicly announced that she’s seeking treatment for PTSD, to complete random drug testing.

The insider explains what this new order means for both parties:

“Today the court ordered that neither party can consume drugs or alcohol at least 8 hours before caring for [their daughter] Madison, and that they must choose a new custody evaluator by Sept. 14 – both sides will submit names and the court will pick which evaluator to go with. After the court picks the evaluator then the evaluation will begin.”

But according to a different source close to Belafonte, the America’s Got Talent judge is the only one who’s actually required to complete testing, adding:

“Mel also has to undergo random drug and alcohol tests but Stephen doesn’t.”

That doesn’t exactly sound fair though…

As for their daughter, the initial source shared that no final decisions have been made:

“The court today did not take custody away from Mel nor did they give Stephen what he wanted. Things could change in terms of custody down the line once the custody evaluation is complete, there has to be a custody evaluation in order for the court to make new custody orders.”

The court has also ordered that Melanie and Stephen pick out and agree upon a new nanny or childcare person by Thursday this week so that custody evaluations may continue. Madison remains in her father’s custody until then.

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Mel B Explains Why She’s Seeking Treatment — It’s Not Because Of Sex Addiction!

Don’t Judge Her!

Mel B Wants You To Know Exactly WHY She’s Going To Therapy!

Mel B is setting the record straight on why she’s about to enter a therapy program in Britain.

Days after revealing plans to seek professional treatment, the former Spice Girl stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted her announcement got “a little bit skewed with.”

The America’s Got Talent judge told Wednesday’s guest host Lea Michele that she’s NOT an alcoholic and NOT a sex-addict — as some tabloids have claimed — but is instead seeking treatment for emotional “issues” stemming from her “very intense relationship” with Stephen Belafonte.

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Mel didn’t go into specifics about what she’ll be discussing in therapy, but she made sure to tell audiences that they can read all about said intense relationship in her new book, Brutally Honest!

Well, that clears that up. Watch a clip of Mel’s interview (below) to hear what she (and Lea!) had to say about the wonders of therapy.

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