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R. Kelly’s lawyers filed a motion on Wednesday to delay the start of his kiddie porn case. Again.

The case has already languished for 6 years!

It’s time for R. Kelly to face the music — don’t y’all agree?!

Courthouse observers assume that the defense’s ’11th hour move’ will fall flat on its face.


The defense claims it needs more time because of the “..torrent of publicity surrounding the case.”

Seems like a weak argument to us.

And, we’re not the only ones that think that — Richard Kling, a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, says that given Kelly’s celebrity status, the case would generate media attention regardless of when it’s held.

The judge probably won’t rule on the request until at least Friday, the same day 150 potential jurors are scheduled to report to the courthouse.

It’s time to get this shit out of the way.

You’re either guilty or your not. No more delays!

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May 08, 2008 09:00am PDT

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