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Clive Barker Sued By Ex-Boyfriend For Giving Him HIV

Clive Barker, horror writer extraordinaire, who wrote the Hellraiser franchise and many more movies, is being sued by his ex-boyfriend.
His ex claimed that he gave him HIV then kicked him out on the streets.
Emilian David Armstrong, the ex, said that Barker and he moved in together around 1996 along with Barker’s daughter from a previous heterosexual relationship.
Barker gave Armstrong HIV because Barker once had sex with his AIDS riddled cousin, used to do crazy S&M stuff with syringes and would host crazy drug parties.
That’s insane.
Armstrong has waited so long to file the suit because he tried to stay with Barker and help him work out his problems — until Barker kicked Armstrong and his own daughter out on the streets.
Armstrong used to be Barker’s business partner and is after a cut of his business profits. He said he was also promised support for life.
We’ll be innerested to see how a lawsuit about something that happened so long ago pans out.
[Image via David Livingston/WENN.]

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Jun 06, 2012 14:00pm PDT

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