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Ever since Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, it seems her career has been in the crapper.

It’s not like she was such a huge star before Cruise either, but at least she had her fame on Dawson’s Creek and a couple of independent films and such. But, she hasn’t done much since her marriage, except for the “comedy” Mad Money, which no one saw.

It seems Katie might get another shot at reviving her career, though, by making a stage debut on Broadway.

It is being reported that Katie is in the final negotiation stage to sign on to a revival of All My Sons, a post WWII drama.

Holmes is set to play a woman who visits her former neighbors, the family members of a missing pilot she was in love with.

Already cast in the show are two Broadway veterans, John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest.

This would be Katie’s first time performing in a play since high school.

She’s bound to sucketh!

One theatre expert said “This play will be like a shop window for Katie. The aim is to remind people of her acting chops. It’s kind of a neat idea. Nicole Kidman had Hollywood eating out of her hand when she was in The Blue Room.”

Katie won’t need to disrobe for her performance in this role, unlike Kidman. But maybe if she did, it’d sell more seats.

Let’s hope controlling hubby Cruise will let her take this role. He’ll have to go consult with the Scientology heads first to get approval, but it might happen.

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Mar 28, 2008 2:10pm PDT

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