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Coronavirus Anxiety Relief: 10 Adorable Animal Instagrams To Calm Your Nerves!

10 Adorable Animal Instagram Accounts To follow during the coronavirus pandemic!

Right now, it feels like we’re being bombarded with alarming coronavirus news just about everywhere you turn — especially on Instagram!

It’s important to keep informed and stay aware of how serious this is, but we know it can be mentally taxing at the same time!

Celebrities, influencers, and public figures alike have flocked to the social media platform to share “helpful tips” with their followers and overall, cultivate awareness about stopping the spread of COVID-19. It feels like a good time to note you should take all health advice given online with a grain of salt unless it’s explicitly published by a reputable source (i.e. CDC, WHO, etc.)

On that note, what better time than now to cleanse your feed full of heavy, fearful messages with some adorable animal IG pages to enjoy instead?!

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Let’s face it: there’s nothing like a cute cat selfie or a silly dog video to provide calming comfort during these trying times. Pick a comfy spot, make sure your WIFI connection is strong, and get lost in our truly purr-fect list (below)!


Nala Cat has one of the largest followings on IG at 4.3 million users strong and it’s pretty easy to see why! The Siamese and Tabby mix feline has the kind of adorable eyes and cuddly physique that’ll put anyone at ease!


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Fear is tricky. It can be crippling and it can oddly be comforting. Comforting because it tells me how I should feel, and if I feel a certain way, then I feel justifiably ok. But fear is most definitely uncertain. It’s something that feels uncontrollable, and can seemingly feel very real. But oftentimes, it’s just our imagination or the onslaught of the media that amplifies it, only making matters worse. And that’s when it becomes overwhelming. That’s when it becomes crippling. So I try my best not to partner with fear, even if sometimes I find that it’s my tendency to grip to it, as if it’s fears role to comfort me. As if! It’s just the opposite. Fear has no place in my life, and if it’s there, it’s because I’ve invited it in. I’ve allowed it to control me and comfort me. But on the contrary, it’s my faith that comforts me. In all times, but especially in uncertain, fear-induced times, those are the moments I find myself clinging to my faith; namely, my faith in Jesus. I find myself partnering with Him when I don’t have the answers. When I’m scared. When I feel vulnerable. There is a scripture I repeat often in Proverbs in those moments: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him. And He will make your paths straight.” In times of uncertainty, my reliance is dependant on Jesus. My tendency is to trust Him with all of my heart, and to lean not on my own understanding, or misunderstanding, for that matter. The latter doesn’t benefit me. Ever! It only causes me to become more fearful, and I don’t want to give fear any power or authority over me. It’s not invited in my life. But this isn’t just about me. (Continued in the comments)

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OK, how can one resist this sweet pup named Tuna with such a unique overbite?! Tuna is Chiweenie — a mixed breed that’s a cross between the Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds — who has fun dressing up in silly outfits and showing off that smile! It’s bio proudly boasts, “If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you’ve come to the right place!” Need we say more?


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A post shared by ᖇᗩᘿ ???? GФLDΞИ ЯΞΓЯIΞVΞЯ (@goldenunicornrae) on

Meet Rae, a Golden Retriever pup who suffered an accidental injury at birth which left her with only her right ear. Over time, the earlobe migrated to the top of her head — but it hasn’t stopped her enjoying life! If you’re looking for some inspiration for better times ahead, you’ve found it!


Talk about a dynamic duo! Lundy, the Chihuahua, and Herman, the pigeon, are total BFFs! We love the way these two lean on each other (literally) through Lundy’s physical therapy for his hind legs. You’ll get lost in their adventures in their owner’s NY apartment. So, so sweet!


We know, we know — you’re here for the good cat memes and Owl Kitty‘s account came to deliver! Amuse yourself with parodies like the one from Dirty Dancing (above) and the countless other high-quality clips featured on their page. A+ content right here, people!


This account follows the daily adventures of black cat sisters Mikita and Dahlia! With daily feed posts and frequent story updates from parents Andrea and Rich, we doubt you’ll run out of adorable things to enjoy here!


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11/10 would squish ????????

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When those coronavirus fears keep mounting and social-distancing starts to take its toll, just pretend you’re squishing Suki Cat‘s furry face and all will be well again. Plus, it’s easy to get lost in the scores of epic, high-definition photos of Suki’s worldwide travels!


Stop what you’re doing right now and give this adorable pet fox Juniper a follow! The added bonus? Juniper’s human also shares vids of her pet possum, chinchilla, snake, and the growing number of unique animals living in her home!


We hope you’re just as optimistic about life after reading this list as this hedgehog Mr. Pokee! Look, he’s even welcoming you in for a hug with open arms, too!


And finally, meet Jill! This pet squirrel knows a thing or two about practicing good self-care habits at home. She’s guaranteed to keep you entertained!

Perezcious readers, did this roundup help ease your coronavirus anxiety?? Let us know in the comments and if it did, consider sharing this with a friend!

[Image via Instagram Tunameltsmyheart/Mr.Pokee/ChicagoBlackCat/Instagram].

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