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Cruz Beckham Breaks It Down!

Victoria and David Beckham‘s youngest sure takes after his superstar parents!
As he has done a few times on the Return of the Spice Girls tour, little Cruz – with his big brothers – joined mum on stage during their performance of Mama on Monday night at Madison Square Garden in NYC.
And then something special happened.
B Boy Cruz B. started to breakdance!
“A minute into the song, Cruz moving a little to the music and then all of a sudden started breakdancing…and he was awesome at it,” a lucky concertgoer who saw the three year old in action tells “All the girls had to stop singing cuz they were laughing so hard… He did a little head stand,,, then even spun on his head a little.. They couldn’t get him off the stage when the song was over. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!!”
Damn, that boy’s got skillz!
Also cute, Geri‘s daughter, Bluebell started singing “Mama.. I love you” into the microphone after the song was over.
Such a special show!
Update: We’ve got video!
Click here to watch a clip of little Cruz breaking it down.
So dope!
Update #2:
Click here for a longer and even more adorable clip!
“He’s the next Justin Timberlake,” says his proud momma.

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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