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Cuba Libre: Coming Soon (We Hope)


More good news in Cuba!

The new government-backed campaign against homophobia kicked off this past weekend.

Our parent’s birthplace had what seems to be the largest gathering of openly gay activists ever in the island’s history.

Mariela, President Raul Castro‘s daughter and director of Cuba’s Center for Sexual Education, presided over the meeting.

It is said that she has often promoted the rights of sexual minorities.

Mariela said, “This is a very important moment for us, the men and women of Cuba, because for the first time we can gather in this way and speak profoundly and with scientific basis about these topics.”

She joined several hundred activists over the weekend for the International Day Against Homophobia which featured shows, lectures, panel discussions and book presentations.

Blood-tests for STDs were also offered.

Cuban state television even aired Brokeback Mountain for all to see!

There’s talks of proposals to legalize same-sex marriages and give gay couples benefits that married couples enjoy.

We’ll believe that when we see it, though!

Ricardo Alarcon, a parliament head, said that things “are advancing, but must continue advancing, and I think we should do that in a coherent, appropriate and precise way because these are topics that have been taboo and continue to be for many.”

Keep it up! More! More!


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May 20, 2008 20:00pm PDT

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