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BUNNYPOCALYPSE!! Cute Bunnies Swarm Tourist On Japan's Rabbit Island! Can She Survive??

Cute bunnies swarmed a tourist on Japan's Rabbit Island! Super cute!!
Wow, this looks like a literal wonderland. Someone’s personal heaven fell to earth!
During WWII, eight rabbits were brought to Okunoshima, a Japanese island, to test mustard gas.
We guess the gas wasn’t all that effective because the rabbits eventually ended up doing what rabbits do and multiplied again and again and again.
Now, Okunoshima is known as “Rabbit Island” and it’s a great tourist attraction.
There are hundreds and hundreds of bunnies, and each one is cuter and friendlier than the last.
It seems almost dangerous to bring food around that many rabbits but even if they decided to attack, it’d be so worth it.
We’d let their soft fur and sharp fangs carry us straight into the afterlife.
Best. Death. Ever.
Check out the video to see a woman narrowly escape with her life as hundreds of bunnies swarm her AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Feb 20, 2014 12:54pm PDT